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Bareback Gym Buddies 2, Sc.1: Monster-Hung Gym-Buddy Gives His Cute Charge A Raw Stretch! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 66)
Added: 04/August/2016
Duration: 31 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s absolutely no denying that Ben Rasgar is a gym-trainer like no other – a fellow who quite literally oozes arrogance in the opening few moments of this superb escapade almost as much as he oozes sweat! From spraying a mouthful of water across the training-room, to cockily kissing young Victor Rozas’s six-pack mid-session, this is a guy who clearly has a dominant streak and who isn’t afraid to show it. Then again, of course, if you’d got the kind of cock between your legs that this fellow has got then you’d probably be pretty self-assured yourself!

To begin with, however, it’s the handsome Spaniard who takes centre-stage in proceedings; with Rasgar quite literally carrying Rozas over to a sofa, where he immediately begins to feast on that handsome Iberian ramrod. There’s simply no denying the fact that the temperature notches up considerably once Rasgar’s oversized mamba makes its appearance; leaving Rozas momentarily dazed in appreciation, before the young lad masterfully attempts to gorge on every fucking inch on offer.

But whilst you might be overcome with jealousy at the sight of the young twink slobbering over such a mammoth offering, chances are you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you’re not him when you see his arse having to take the full length of the said schlong – not least of all when the lad’s riding it cowboy-style. The fact that he’s clearly gritting his teeth says it all, of course; and the thin division of pain and pleasure is neatly encapsulated by his violent eruption. Topped off by Rozas pumping his own jizz into Rasgar’s mouth!

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Kellan James is not in this episode.

titobet, 04/August/2016

Apologies for the mistake - it has now been rectified!

Site Admin, 04/August/2016

This is a wonderful video. Two great new stars who give a tremendous performance throughout. Quite a simple storyline but such passion put into the action. Ben is a great stud lover, and Victor a tremendous bottom. I just loved all the tender kissing which went on throughout the whole scene. Then the rimming parts where stupendous! Victor has one of the sweetest and lickable holes ever! Ben did a wonderful job doing just that. And Victor just loved having it done to him. He is obviously as hot for Ben as Ben is hot for him. The fingering is just great. Then the bareback fucking is a joy to see. Such hot passion. But in the end Victor could hold back no longer and shot a big load of cum across his belly whilst being deep fucked. Then he goes down on Ben and gets a facial of hot cum and he ends up eating the cum off Ben's super cock. 5 out of 5!

Ryan, 04/August/2016

2 new actors in this nice video. Ben is a real stud, his big dick does marvels on small Victor's so cute flexible gaping asshole. The fucking is nice. Ben 's final cumshot is surely surprisingly weak, but never mind, all in all, the clip is very good indeed. Hope we shall see both of them again. Thanks to all !

Christian, 04/August/2016

Now THIS is what I call a birthday present!

etienne, 04/August/2016

This is what I call gayporn on its highest level. It starts with the beginning when we see the sweaten bodies which turned me on. In my fantasy I thought of the taste of the boys ( fresh boy perspiration is divine ! ) up to the end when we see Ben`s enormous balls clapping onto Victor`s ass. I exploded twice! By the way, the filming and camera ancles were wonderful chosen. And no need to talk about Ben`s dick. Such a jutting creaming toy ;-) can I vote more than 5 for this winner?

Chris, 04/August/2016

Victor is a very handsome and sweet boy!

martincgn, 04/August/2016

Sexy duo! Ben is the perfect stud, willing to do it all. He obviously is very hot for Victor. Who isn't? Victor has a super body with the most perfect ass which I would love to rim and bareback the whole night long. Multiple orgasms! Horny!!!!

Josh, 04/August/2016

John et ses collaborateurs ont encore réalisé un véritable travail d'orfèvre lors du tournage de cette très chaude vidéo. A l'instar des autres intervenants, j'ai aussi beaucoup apprécié les gros plans réalisés sur l'endroit le plus intime du superbe corps de Victor. Ces deux nouveaux modèles, en plus d'être sexy, ont brillé de mille feux dès leurs débuts, ce qui est très prometteur pour la suite. Après les éloges, place aux critiques. Depuis la mi-juillet, vous avez mis en action cinq nouveaux modèles d'exception dont le fer de lance est le petit coquin de Jonathan. Je constate encore ce soir que leur fiche signalétique n'est pas renseignée et ose espérer qu'il ne s'agisse pas d'un pis-aller. Félicitation pour cet excellent clip : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 04/August/2016

Love love love this video. Keep up the good work.

I LOVE THE NEW BOY VICTOR!, 05/August/2016

More wonderfully active,dominant bell-boy Ben fucks his partner hard by and expresses his ( its ) physical superiority against Victor ! Super Top Ben !!!!

Steffen , Dresden, 09/August/2016

Ben and Victor made a great scene. They made it as if they were doing it with no cameras there. I liked the kisses, the sucking, the rimming, and, of course, it was so good wtaching Ben fucking Victor. So good to watch Ben's big cock inzside Victor's cute ass. One more (funny) thing : in my home language, Rasgar (Ben's stage surname) has a proper meaning for what he did here : he really opened or ripped Victor's ass :)

Vaclav, 10/August/2016

This was a really great scene, two hot models, great shots of rimming, insertion and fucking. But Ben's cumshot at the end was very clearly faked. too bad. Hope he does better next time, and I hope his next time is very soon.

trex, 03/September/2016

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