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Staxus Classic: Bare Conviction - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

3.2/5 (Total votes: 21)
Added: 16/August/2016
Duration: 13 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


Anyone hoping for a prolonged session of intricate foreplay will do best to look elsewhere for their action in the light of this full-on encounter, given that these two horned-up prisoners clearly aren’t in the mood for sexual niceties. Rado Ross in particular, who quite literally bundles his cell-mate, Roy Seal, out of his bunk and promptly thrusts his already aching cock into the young lad’s face. In fairness, Seal doesn’t show any sign of objecting to the move; indeed he’s down on his knees and slurping on Ross’ shaft in no time at all!

Nor does Ross display any reluctance to replicate the fine show of fellatio shortly afterwards; before the two lads line themselves up on the bed 69-style to mutually slobber on all the hard dick on offer. It’s enough to get most viewers into quite a sticky lather, that’s for sure, but matter only intensify when Ross begins to turn his attention to his buddy’s pucker and starts to finger and rim that horny little hole.

There’s no prizes for guessing where events soon turn, of course. Ross pushes his big, swollen shaft deep into Seal’s now ripened slit, which clearly ignites the young bottom to a whole new level of engagement; as the two na’er-do-wells embark on hot, raw sex in a succession of positions, culminating in Ross succumbing to the inevitable temptation of creaming Seal’s well-worked arse with jets of gooey spunk! As if to underline the point, the top then proceeds to thrust his totally drained shaft back into his pal’s hole; before Seal takes the opportunity to give Ross’ face a multi-jet spray of jizz in return, leaving the lad’s lips caked in jizz!

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