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Staxus Classic: Bareback Sleaze Pit - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 31)


Steven Hill, Chris Reed

Added: 10/September/2016
Duration: 20 minutes
Comments: 25


You’re either into it or you’re not, but there’s certainly no doubting the feverish penchant that Steven Hill and Chris Reed have for socks, trainers and all things of a “Skaterboy” nature. Indeed, these two lads are quite literally like dogs with two dicks when they first encounter each other – fighting over a cigarette on the bed, whilst playfully snorting the rich aroma of youthful testosterone from Hill’s shoes. It’s clearly more than enough to get both buddies in the mood for some hardcore sexual action; and before you know it they’re engaged in some very energetic snogging, as they grope each other’s now grossly swollen crotches.

If this is your thing then rest assured that you’re in for a treat, with arctic white socks rubbing against thick, meaty, uncut shafts; until the temptation of sucking dick simply gets the better of both lads, and they sidle up 69-style to engage in some good old-fashioned fellatio. By this point, of course, there’s every chance that you’ll be fully unzipped and pondering the possibility of an early bath – so to speak! – but it seems that these two young chavs have only just started. For having feasted on all that glorious cock, the pals decide that it’s high time to put their asses on the line – first Hill, who proceeds to rigorously bounce up and down on Reed’s dick like it’s the job he was born to, then Reed, who gets taken from behind like a cheap slut.

Little wonder that neither lad can resist the urge to rupture their sacs for very long – both buddies spurting out heavy loads of pent-up jizz, which (somewhat fittingly) they proceed to wipe away with a sock!

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Nice to see Chris Reed, I keep asking for a reunion of the stars from the Mid 2000's. (Fingers Crossed)

iluvboto, 10/September/2016

Beautiful Boys Very Much in Love ! So Romantic.

puggs, 10/September/2016

It was a good one!

Jerry, 10/September/2016

Too many classics published for some time in a row but let`s say this one is brilliant! I am very into the fetish skater, sniffing sox and shoehs, smell it. And these two actors are horny and handsome, especially Chris Reed. How might he look nowadays?, still that cute?

Chris, 10/September/2016

Chris Reed ? If you search for Chris Ralf it is clearly the same guy so just what is his name?

Toss6996, 10/September/2016

There is no such thing as too many classics! :-) And Toss6996, lots of these guys had multiple names. It is confusing but will help you out...

fuckworthy, 28/September/2016

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