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Cum Harvest, Sc.1: Farmer Snow Gets His Ass Fingered & Fucked By Hot Hired Hand! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 48)
Added: 08/September/2016
Duration: 18 minutes, 41 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s one thing to dream the dream, it’s quite another to actually live it – as Brit boy, Titus Snow, discovers when he decides to buy a smallholding in Czechia so that he can farm the land. After all, this is a fellow who – by his own admission – knows absolutely nothing about farming! Fortunately, he’s decided to hire a young local (Luke Volta) to help him out. Even more fortuitously, that particular assistant is drop-dead gorgeous and as constantly horny as fuck! So when Snow discovers the fellow with his feet up, enjoying a drink, it’s no surprise that he decides to take full advantage of the situation and make a pass at the boy – a move that very quickly results in the two guys snogging each other’s faces off and grinding against each other’s already swollen crotches. The ripeness of the harvest is there for the picking; and suffice it to say that Volta is soon down on his knees giving his boss’ hairless shaft a much-needed slurp.

It’s a move that Snow himself is quick to replicate; before Volta takes complete mastery of the situation by bundling Snow onto a table and fingering the twink’s clearly eager arse-hole. No question about it, Snow’s pretty much ready for the taking; and you can almost hear the relief from both guys when Volta finally sinks his thick, uncut shaft into the farm-boy’s guts.

From thereon in, of course, Snow is pretty much a total hostage to that handsome schlong, riding it for all he’s worth in a series of positions before exploding midpoint cowboy-style. Leaving Volta the indisputable pleasure of jerking out his wad all across Snow’s expectant face!

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Weak opening. Where is seduction? Too much attention to Titus; not enough camera on Luke who is a real beauty!

LynnBouchey, 08/September/2016

Love both these models. Titus is such a sexy piece and shows it throughout. Luke is a beautiful young hunk and loves sucking Titus's cock, rimming his luscious hole, and then fucking him bareback. There's such a great attraction between them both and it shows. Loved the fingers up Titus's ass and tasting them. My only wish was to be there but I did cum the same time as Luke shot his load Into Titus's face. Really tasty! Yummy scene!

Ryan, 08/September/2016

Nice outdoor action in a garden, I love to see sexy boys like these ones having sex in the nature. Maybe there was a small lack of passion, but all in all a fine clip! 4 of 5...

Chris, 08/September/2016

Die Schnitte sind im erträglichen…Sind einige gute Szenen dabei… Nach meiner Ansicht alle Darsteller waren bei der Sache …War einer der besseren in der letzten Zeit …Aber wieder der SChluss vom Schluss..nach den Sperma Kuss war SChluss …

dieter, 08/September/2016

As with the Young Doctors series and others, John ruins the nice story of this film by giving models roles they are way too young to play. Titus ist gorgeous as usual and gives his best in performing full of enthusiasm. But hey, how old is this guy? Twenty? And then listen to what he tells us about his life experience! That's just childish and utterly illogical! Plus: Luke still doesn't know what to do with a nice cock in front of his face. He gives a better performance than in his dull first scene and tries blowing a bit, but his attempts remain unsatisfactory. It's so obvious h doesn't enjoy it. He lacks passion at all, he's so obviously gay4pay it's like insulting the paying members of this site. He definitely belongs to straight porn but not here. Poor Titus - except Jaro and Benjamin, he hasn't had good partners in his scenes. Additionally, John ruins the overall flow of the film by way too much editing. We repeatedly see the same moments from different camera points of view, and that in a scene that only lasts like 18 minutes. So apparently, John didn't have really much material to edit his film with. - another hint that the sex between the two guys wasn't so exciting! So please do away with Luke, he doesn't belong here. And much more of Titus - but with partners he deserves!

Theo, 09/September/2016

Let me second Ryan. Muchj much more of the hunk Please.

dong, 09/September/2016

I liked this scene. I really like Luke he has a great body, muscular but not over bulky or over ripped (and a very nice ass) Titus is so darn cute, but he looks a little drab with that light blond hair, he looked much cuter with the brown hair he had in his first 2 scenes, the brown hair really brought out his eyes =)

biggerthebetter, 09/September/2016

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