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Cum Harvest, Sc.3: Booted Farmhand Fuckers Enjoy A Kinked-Up Flip-Flop Nutting! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 15/September/2016
Duration: 24 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


Given the country backdrop, it’s perhaps rather fitting that young Brit, Clyde Walton, should have a penchant for country-and-western music – but to be fair that’s not the element of his personality that particularly attracts Czechia’s very own slut par excellence, Ray Mannix. Discovering the visitor in the local barn as gives a sweet rendition and sharpens his tools, Mannix immediately underlines his reputation as a cock-whore by making a beeline for Walton’s crotch. Suffice it to say that it’s barely seconds before he’s down on his knees and savouring every fucking gorgeous inch that the boy from London has to offer; before very eagerly rimming the visitor’s arse in anticipation of a hard fuck to come.

Clearly wishing to add a little spice into the encounter, however, Mannix decides to ease his mate towards ecstasy with a little tool play of a different nature – pushing the handle-end of a file into the hungry crack! Mannix being the boy that he is, however, it’s not too long before his appetite for action gets the better of him and he forces his dick in its place; signalling the start of a terrific fucking that will almost certainly have you pulling on your zipper for relief.

Don’t think for one moment that Mannix has turned top, however. Having pummelled Walton’s cute pucker for all he’s worth, he’s soon demanding some attention of his own; at which point the horned-up Briton pushes Mannix onto a table and hammers the Czech lad with true British gusto. No fucking wonder that Mannix is busting his nut in no time at all; before Walton christens his pal’s lips with a jizzy wad!

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Flip flops are nice and this one is particulary good and horny. Noteworthy were also the hot rimming of Clyde asshole as well as the cummy kissing in the end. Really hot ; thanks to all !

Christian, 15/September/2016

Well chosen setting for this scene. Clyde has a nice singing voice and a great cock. Horny Ray soon gets on with the hot stuff. The yummy rimming of Clyde's eager hole, spread ready for the coming action is really horny stuff which made me drool to join in. Then the super bareback fucking is so hot. It was fantastic to see Clyde showing he's a great versatile performer when he slides his shaft into Ray's experienced hole. Great stuff finished superbly by Ray taking a facial of Clyde's hot cum and promptly swallowing it. YumYum! Clyde is a super young model and he and Ray are so great together. Let's have more like this horny video! 5 out of 5 (100 out of 100!)

Ryan, 15/September/2016

I can only confirm all written words Ryan left before. This outstanding scene made me drool to enjoy every second. Ray can be paired with almost everyone,but with Clyde OMG. So horny! This made my dreams of gayporn perfection really come true. Indeed the setting was best chosen and for me, the boys outfit (farmer) was fantastic as it is a fetish of mine. Brilliant, staxus!

Chris, 15/September/2016

Beautiful scene! I think the heavy rain we see outside have surely cause uncomfortable working conditions, but Ray and Clyde are admirable!

Jerry, 15/September/2016

...the more often and intensively I watch the eager and long rimming situation the hotter it becomes. Clyde has such a beautiful and lickable hole, no matter that Ray almost couldn`t stop eatiing it. The filming positions and diferrent ancles here very clever chosen. Looking full of expectations for the upcoming farmer vids.

Chris, 15/September/2016

I adore Clyde XXXXX

Puggs, 15/September/2016

I hardly ever rate scenes five stars - this time I did! Ray's boyish smile, his beautiful eyes and hands and all the gorgeous rest of him - he's a unique performer who gives you the feeling he's really into what he's doing. All those wannabe-rimmers like Luke etc. - watch Ray and learn from him! That's the way it's being done! And I adore him for apparently enjoying Clyde's cum so much. Clyde is an excellent partner for Ray. The rain outside the barn door adds to the very nice atmosphere of this scene - something most of John's scenes are usually missing as they very often appear staged and thus very artificial and cold to me. But John - why don't you make use of this great opportunity and give us some minutes of an after-sex storyline? Ray and Clyde, two lovers, running out into the rain after their last yummy cum-kiss, enjoying the warm summer rain there, embracing, kissing. Unfortunately, John doesn't seem to be the director for using such an opportunity that would have made this excellent scene into a unique one!

Theo, 15/September/2016

Cette fois encore, je ne peux qu' être qu'admiratif devant le formidable travail accompli lors du tournage de cette fabuleuse vidéo. Ce clip est au plan pornographique très abouti et les deux modèles ont été brillants. Fidèle à son habitude, le grandiose petit "galopin" de Ray a été époustouflant. Quant à Clyde, il est adorable, sexy et mignon tout plein et a confirmé de façon très convaincante ses débuts très prometteurs. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 15/September/2016

With Ray in a scene it can't go wrong =) awesome scene especially the use of a file as a dildo was really cool.

biggerthebetter, 22/September/2016

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