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Camp Fuckers, Sc.1: Roving Scout Tracks Down His Fuck-Buddy For A Hard Raw Ride! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 09/October/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


Some guys will cross over hell and high water to get to the man that they love – including, it seems, Mike Branco, who quite literally trundles through a forest to find fellow scout, Chad Johnstone, waiting for him outside their tent. Once safely united, of course, they immediately get down to the very serious business of cementing their affections; and within minutes both lads are stripped down to the waist and exchanging kisses. That, unsurprisingly enough, is but a foretaste of the hardcore action to come.

Before long, Johnstone has unbuttoned his pal’s trousers and is greedily feasting on the fellow’s now badly swollen shaft; before Branco promptly returns the compliment by slurping on Johnstone’s completely hairless joystick. Indeed, both these boys clearly have a deep-seated appetite for fellatio, finally positioning themselves top-to-toe so that they can indulge in their passion simultaneously. Given what we already know about these two young fuckers, however, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise when they eventually go one stage further in their exploration of each other’s bodies; with Johnstone finally thrusting that handsome, uncut shaft of his deep into Branco’s divine little fuck-hole.

It’s a move that pitches this outdoor encounter up to whole new level; not least of all because it’s not long before the insatiable little blond is soon riding his mate’s dick reverse-cowboy style for maximum effect. No fucking wonder that the young explorer is soon erupting for all he’s worth; having very enthusiastically creamed Johnstone to a similarly sticky conclusion!

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Yeah the boys are cute but this video doesn`t reach the quality of the previous ones , especially with sexbbomb Angel Loez. But that videi is surely difficult to outdo. 4 of 5

Chris, 09/October/2016

Mike the best shooter & Chad with the biggest joy stick, are so passionate together & when Mike creamed Chad in such a spectacular way i was not expecting the incredible explosion that shot out of Mike's beautiful & delectable uncut ramrod. xxxxx

puggs, 09/October/2016

Especially the fucking at the and when Mike is riding Chads huge rod was very hot and Mike`s enourmous cumshot explosion at the end. He surely dispensed jerking off for at least 1 day or more. These cumshots are the best. When an acctor already jerked off hours befour or even minutes it is logical that the creaming seems a little poor.

Chris, 09/October/2016

Cette scène est excellente sur toute sa durée et les deux magnifiques modèles ont livré une prestation de haut vol. Si les données mentionnées sur la fiche signalétique de Chad sont exactes, cet adorable petit minet fête aujourd'hui même ses vingt ans. En conséquence, je lui souhaite un bon et heureux anniversaire. Félicitations pour cet excellent clip auquel j'octroie sans l'ombre d'une hésitation la note de 5/5.

Pascaloux, 09/October/2016

It's hard to watch the whole scene... before cumming!

Jerry, 10/October/2016

Chad Johnstone and Mike Branco, two of the cutest boys at Staxus. I came too soon as well. As soon as Chad plowed Mike from the side, I lost it... I love the view where I can see both dicks and faces at the same time. One can almost share the pleasure of both boys through thier expressions. Very HOTT scene. Please keep both the guys forever... ❤dr (dee-arr) @dr2450

💚dr, 10/October/2016

I love Chad. But whenever I see Mike I see a high fashion model not a sexy porn stud. (each to his own of course)

biggerthebetter, 10/October/2016

Mike and Chad are two of my favorites and it was so nice to watch them together. Mike is a great bottom and Chad, with his thick cock, takes good care of Mike's ass. Loved the way they sucked each other and the positions Chad chose to have fun. And watching Mike being fucked so quiet as we can see, i think that shows us how much Mike enjoys having sex.

Vaclav, 10/October/2016

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