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Staxus Classic: Frat Boy Fuckfest – Scene 6 - Remastered in HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 21)


John Hill, Julien Breeze, Dylan Freeman

Added: 11/October/2016
Duration: 16 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


Having some knowledge of first aid is definitely a very good thing – it can save someone’s life, after all. Nevertheless, Dylan Freeman and Julien Breeze decide to adopt a rather unusual method when trying to resuscitate John Hill; for having provided mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions, with no success, they reach into his boxers and pull out his dick! Unconventional it may be, but suffice it to say it has exactly the desired result – Hill immediately bounding back into consciousness and demanding that his rescuers show him their own cocks now that they’ve had a good look at his.

It’s a demand that Breeze and Freeman are only too eager and willing to comply with; whilst Hill quickly returns to the fray by thrusting his now hard shaft towards their open mouths. By this point, of course, you find that the entire screen is quite literally filled with thick, aching man-meat, which all three lads are clearly only too keen to eagerly feast on. What’s more, it’s not long before Hill’s appetite for cock has reached a point where he’s only too happy to be bundled over a desk so that Freeman can bang his arse, whilst Breeze completes the spit-roast by thrusting his knob down the fellow’s throat.

Given that the fellow was out for the count just a few minutes before, it’s a remarkable turnaround, of course; and the success story continues when Hill plonks himself down on Breeze’s lap and promptly rides his buddy’s joystick for all he’s worth. Unsurprisingly, it’s no time at all before all three lads are quite literally on the brink, producing a cascade of jizz for a top-notch finale!

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Any scene with Julien Breeze is five star for me... ❤dr (dee-arr) @dr2450

💚dr, 11/October/2016

I agree with dr. Julien Breeze is extraordinary sexy. This threesome classic clip fascinated me cause it was very horny. The only thing I missed was asslicking but ok I vote 4,5 of 5 nevertheless...

Chris, 11/October/2016

@staxus: please produce a video "cum in ass" ass we saw last time with Alex Silvas where the boy jerks off in the bottom`s ass and then the bottom can push out the cumload with some pressure from his asshole. This is so sexy...

Chris, 13/October/2016

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