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Camp Fuckers, Sc.3: Horny Scout Goes For His Suck-&-Fuck Badge On His Pal’s Dick! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 57)
Added: 16/October/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


One of the great joys of scouting is all that time that you get to spend in the great outdoors – something Mike Cole and new boy, Simon Caress, very clearly appreciate in the opening moments of this gorgeous little number. Whether they are chatting half-way up a tree or just smooching next to a river, these young fellows love to be outside! Even so, the temptation of spending time together indoors can sometimes prove too much – no less so than when there’s a nice cosy bed in the offing!

Not that there’s even the slightest hint of either of these lads closing their eyes for a little shuteye, of course. Indeed, with their uniforms promptly cast to one side, both fellows are quickly taking it in turns to slurp on each other’s cocks – a move that the slightly exotic-looking Caress evidently greatly appreciates given the manner with which his eyes roll in his head when Cole gobbles away at his straining ramrod.

It’s a turn of events that quickly encourages the newcomer to give his mate’s arse-hole a thorough examination in return – fingering and rimming the hot little pucker in anticipation of what we all know is the inevitable invasion of Cole’s ever-insatiable guts. The Spaniard is already renowned for his love of hardcore sodomy, after all; and this very latest escapade only adds to that reputation, as Caress takes full advantage to plough into that once-tight crevice for all he’s worth. The highlight of which is surely the sight of Cole riding cowboy-style like a bitch on heat; before underscoring his solid credentials as a slut by lapping up every drop of jizz from Caress’ cock!

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A totally sweet scene with two supersweet guys!

Theo, 16/October/2016

At first I´m gonna mention my positive arguments about this clip. The intensive soul kissing at the beginning between these two hot guys was very romantic and also both cumshots at the end were more than average. I especially like the slow motion filming when the jizz shoots out of the dicks...But for me there was something I was missing in this clip in comparison to the absolute winners staxus published in a row in the last weeks. We all and I really mean all! members were speechless when Angel Lopez arrived, in this video to my mind it isn`t so. And when didn`t Mike Cole shave his axiliar hair? Such a dschungle under the arms is a real turn off, sorry! I voted 4 of 5 points, it was more than average but no hit!

Chris, 16/October/2016

Simon Caress is an handsome newbie and Mike Cole is better employed than in his last scene. I hope we'll get more info about Simon soon.

Jerry, 16/October/2016

Hot scene with 2 hot beauties. Simon is new to Staxus, and what a find! He has a wonderful cock that looks so delicious. But what an expert he is at ass licking! He does a perfect rimming job on Mike's beauty hole. I got really turned on and wanted to make it a threesome. Dream on! I loved it all. The bareback fucking is just great, and the cum shot into Mike's eager mouth - fantastic! What a wonderful cock Simon has! 5 stars and more!

Ryan, 17/October/2016

It is an absolute correct fact that staxus can`t cater everbodys fondnesses and tastes in every clip - just impossible. But the mixture and variety here with several kinds of sexual preferences and kind of boys makes it really special, I always say one person drinks beer the other one prefers wine. Thats life. Expecting all legal opinions; it is good that people have different opinions and tastes! :-)

Chris, 17/October/2016

Really well shot scene with two really cute hot models. The closeup slow motion of the french kissing was especially excellent.

Staxusfan, 20/October/2016

Beautiful, passionate scene by two super hot guys. Great production quality, as well.

GaryHerbert, 21/October/2016

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