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Super Big For Super Small, Sc.3: Sleeping Blond Gets Woken For A Ride On His Mate’s Hard Shaft! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 58)
Added: 23/October/2016
Duration: 19 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve a sneaking suspicion that Julian Fox is just trying to look like some kind of intellectual in the opening moments of this terrific set-piece with young Mike Branco; for whilst his buddy is snoozing away like a little baby, Fox is busying himself with an autobiography of Stephen Hawking. We say trying because it’s pretty fucking obvious that a lad of Fox’s horned-up qualities is never going to be able to allow something like quantum physics to get in the way of a real good fuck; and needless to say it comes as no surprise whatsoever when the fellow finally abandons the pretence by tossing the book to one side and squeezing himself under his mate’s duvet in order to give Branco an early morning gobble.

Little wonder that the recipient of such a blowjob is soon wide awake; and in a few moments Branco is returning the favour, before Fox directs his aim at the blond boy’s sweet, hairless pucker. Not that he’s gonna be content with simply rimming and fingering that hungry hole – as enjoyable an exercise as that might be. No, Fox isn’t happy until he’s balls-deep in Branco’s guts – mounting his pal like a wild dog and pounding away for all he’s worth.

As for the cock-crazy bitch, he’s clearly in ecstasy as his rear gets the stretching it deserves; culminating in him bouncing up and down on Fox’s ramrod whilst clinging desperately to the headboard behind him. Given the intensity of the occasion it’s perhaps no great surprise that both lads are soon on the brink; but it’s surely Branco’s climax that warrants greatest acclaim, with a multi-shot eruption that literally sops the bed!

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I love Julian, I loved the setting (I like raw (like warehouse, locker room showers etc) and unusual settings for the most part, but once in a while it's awesome with the boys having sex on a pretty bed =D), the action was hot. This is my fav Mike Branco scene to date, but please mix it up a little bit, you have so many sexy models at the moment =D Variety is the spice of life

biggerthebetter, 23/October/2016

Simplicity and love dominate this scene. Nothing more was needed, except, of course, two amazing boys for it. Julian (you're gorgeous from top to bottom) and Mike (amazing and so loose on his movements this time) were so keen to each other here.... i would say they performed as boyfriends :). A simple moment of sex, but done with pleasure.

Vaclav, 23/October/2016

Finally we get Mike's sweet ass in a bed...I feel like this scene was filmed just for me. These guys were so HOTT together I had to really hold myself back. Julian is drop dead gorgeous but I think Mike is my new crush. He has taken Sven Laarson's place on my Lust List. Open arms to you Sven if you would to come back and do a scene with Mike... ❤dr

❤dr , 23/October/2016

Love the white room setting as it highlights these two wonderful boys. Both are very sexy. Both put on a great performance. Everything great. I love the rimming scene as always. Julian performs like he enjoys doing it. Mike always loves being rimmed. Such a tasty ass! The bareback fucking is perfect. The cum shots are stunning, with Mike loving the taste of the cum. His own cum shot is fantastic. I think these boys really loved having sex together. 5 stars yet again!

Ryan, 23/October/2016

Very nice and hot video. Julian has really all it takes : we saw him in a passive role last, but here his huge dick is pounding Mike really greatly. The rimming was also hot. I would have prefered he eats all the good jizz load of Mike since his is a bit little, but never mind. Flip floping with these 2 would also have been enjoyable. Next time !

Christian, 23/October/2016

That's what I call a really nice scene!

Theo, 23/October/2016

I can`t tattle and will not tattle more about the chorus of praises already given before. For me this video was absolutely wonderful. For me Julian is such a horny, handsome boy and he proved that he can handle his sexual motivation. I liked him here as the active part very very much. If I could I would vote thousand of points. Wonderful, staxus!

Chris, 23/October/2016

Julian seemed to enjoy Mike`s asshole. The moment when he put his finger deep into Mikes butt and then licked it made me explode my load. Was so sexy. It must have been heavenly tasty!

Chris, 23/October/2016

Il n'y a pas grand chose à ajouter à ce qui a été dit par les autres intervenants. Cette scène réunissant deux sublimes petits minets à croquer est la perfection. Félicitations : 5/5 sans l'ombre d'une hésitation.

Pascaloux, 23/October/2016

Gorgeous, i wanted to keep watching these Beautiful Boys for at least 10 minutes longer ! they have so much love to give. Thank You to the Staxus Team.

pugs, 23/October/2016

In Julian Fox' model stats you wrote "role: bottom", but it seems he is a very skilled top too! Hot scene, handsome models!

Jerry, 24/October/2016

Julian proved his totally qualities concerning the sexual role. I adored him in his first clip with Zane Pieters where he was pounded hard. Here he changed it and was active himself. It was dream on earth to see him gratify Mike. Please keep such a polite, cute and passionate boy forever!

Chris, 26/October/2016

still as hot as the first time I saw this scene. Mike and Julian are just too adorable together. Mike, that cum shot is spectacular... ❤dr @dr2450

dr, 19/February/2017

This is just a dream. God both boys are so beautiful, I love them both!

Tim, 13/February/2018

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