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Two Horny Swimming Buddies Savour A Jizzy Fingering & Fuck! HD

3.2/5 (Total votes: 51)
Added: 08/January/2017
Duration: 16 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


Bjorn Nykvist and Luke Volta wanted to do a one-off, no-strings-attached performance for STAXUS – something of a novelty for us as a studio, but an idea that we were keen to investigate when the boys initially approached us. As a result, we headed off to the local sauna, where Volta made his way to the hot room; whilst Nykvist made straight for the pool for a swim. All the introductions over, and having spent some time playing in the water, the two buddies make their way to a private room – where Volta immediately gets down on his knees to give Nykvist’s now rock-hard shaft a clearly much-needed gobbling.

Not that Nykvist is averse to providing head for a handsome shaft – a fact that’s nicely underlined when the two lads reverse positions. What’s more, it doesn’t take very long before Volta’s attention is centring on his buddy’s tight little pucker, which he promptly begins to finger in anticipation of getting his swollen dick nicely embedded shortly afterwards. An ambition that’s achieved with comparative ease, it has to be said; signalling the start of a truly terrific set-piece that will almost certainly have you tugging at your cock like a being possessed.

Certainly neither fellows show any inhibitions as they rut like a couple of wild animals; and it’s not at all surprising that it doesn’t take long before they’re both reaching the point of no return, with Nykvist creaming himself whilst sat on his buddy’s lap, and Volta responding in kind with a generous wad of baby-batter that leaves Nykvist with some tired (but very sticky!) fingers.

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Sexy scene. But what happened to that new sexy Satuxs scene on saturday night/ early sunday scenes?

biggerthebetter, 08/January/2017

Luke and Bjorn yes but who/where is Justin?

Toss6996er, 08/January/2017

Sorry habe mir den Film gar nicht angeschaut, als ich las, das er mit "Gummi" ist ... Daher nur 1 Stern.

dieter, 08/January/2017

Der neue Kerl Bjorn ist ja echt ein Schnuckelchen, ist er Norweger oder Däne oder doch Finne?...egal. Er hat einen supergeilen Schwanz, dennoch kamen beim Sex der beiden nicht so wirklich Gefühle des Wohlempfindens auf. Zärtlichkeit und pure Leidenschaft konnte ich kaum vorstellen und wie Dieter zuvor es bereits sagte. Kondome törnen mich ebenfalls eher ab als an und Staxus ist doch auf Bareback Sex spezialisiert. Alles in allem Durchschnitt, man(n) hätte mehr aus der Situation machen können. Ich gebe 3 von 5 Sternen...

Chris, 08/January/2017

In this scene your bottom boy is adorably beautiful and sexy, and you have paired him with a studly top man, so your models are first class. Of course, the use of the condom, and the fact that your beautiful bottom boy does not even taste his partner's cum does detract from the overall quality and rating of this otherwise hot scene. We want to see that cute bottom having real, raw sex, to live up to the expected standards of Staxus porn. But let's see more of that cute bottom boy (whatever his name may be).

Professormarvel, 08/January/2017

By the way, in my opinion the fact that your beautiful bottom boy (Nykvist) is shown with natural, unshaved body hair in his armpits, on his chest, on his legs, etc., adds a great deal to his sexy appeal. I hope that Staxus will allow all of your cute bottom boys to keep their attractive, natural body hair for us to admire. Shaved armpits for a young man are a sad violation of his natural beauty. And natural pubic hair looks great on a beautiful bottom boy, as well, in my opinion.

Professormarvel, 08/January/2017

New arrival Nykvist is areal cutie. He is tall, has a slim body and a very meaty dick. But I was missing some more emotions between both boys and sex with condoms should be an absolute exception cause Staxus is known and famous for bareback sex which turns me on extremely.

Chris, 08/January/2017

I quite enjoyed this scene. It felt kind of real and the fair haired guy is gorgeous. Two good cum shots. I am ok with condoms if the guys are really gorgeous.

AliusUK, 08/January/2017

I love pubes and armpits too.

AliusUK, 08/January/2017

Is this publising condom videos a new trend for 2017 ??? I hope not !

Christian, 08/January/2017

Oops, forget my old comment P This was a new scene. The guys are really hot, but the sex action was not at it's strongest. For me I don't mind a condom so much if it's a very strong scene or if it contains other things "pushing the envelope" sexually like if the scene is very rough, fisting, huge toys etc but condoms in not so strong scenes is not my favorite. I really like the guys in this clip, so I vote 3 stars.

biggerthebetter, 09/January/2017

Diese Szene ist mit das schlechteste was ich bei Staxus bis jetzt gesehen habe. Es ist nicht wirklich das was man von dieser Seite gewöhnt ist. Zum einen ficken mit Gummi, zum anderen kann man kaum glauben das es eine neue Szene ist. Das ganze ist eher gehalten wie eine der Classic Szenen, welche mir zum größten Teil auch nicht gefallen. Sorry diese Szene kann leider nur mit einem Stern bewertet werden. Und ein Stern Bewertung ist schon sehr großzügig in diesem Fall. This scene is with the worst I've seen at Staxus until now. It's not really what you're accustomed to from this site. To fuck with rubber, secondly you can hardly believe it is a new scene. The whole thing is more like one of the classic scenes, which for the most part I don't like. Sorry this scene can only be evaluated with one star only. And a star rating is already very generous in this case.

Mark, 10/January/2017

Bjorn is cute. Nice scene, but a lack of fire and no rimming, just some fingerwork. A little more excitement would have been nice.

Bently, 11/January/2017

A very poor scene, who is the director here? 2017 so far is extremly dissapointing and BA's rival Freshmen site is leaps ahead of Staxus. I hope 2017 will improve.

hanselhutter, 16/January/2017

Lucas is beautilful., but scene is goofy fast. They should have moved to their room as true lovers

Dr Bouchey, 11/June/2017

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