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Rich Bitch, Sc.1: Horny Butler Leads A Double-Dicked Dash On Chris Jansen’s Ass! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 62)
Added: 15/January/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


Chris Jansen and David Sky are a couple of well-heeled buddies with a taste for the good life – which explains why they’ve got a gorgeous butler to help assist them at meal-times, in the form of the ever-delicious Mike Cole. What’s more, their good fortune isn’t just limited to having cash in the bank; for it turns out that their handsome assistant doesn’t just limit his domestic duties to serving meals. In fact, Cole is clearly more than happy to go the extra mile to keep his superiors happy – even to the point of getting down on his knees at the table so that he can give both guys a much-needed oral workout on their cocks.

Let’s be honest, you really couldn’t put a price on this kind of employee involvement; and it should perhaps come as little surprise to anyone that Jansen and Sky are soon replicating the involvement by simultaneously slurping on Cole’s now very swollen appendage. No doubt about it, these are three very horny boys; and the temperature in the room only notches up even further when Cole abandons all dignity by getting down on all fours so that he can rim Jansen’s arsehole whilst Sky bangs him from behind.

At which point you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that it’s Cole who’s going to be the centrepiece of the action. In many respects, however, this little red-herring is but a prelude to the real zenith of this kinky threesome; when Jansen promptly surrenders his hungry little pucker to his two co-stars simultaneously, resulting in Sky creaming his hole and Cole splattering his generous wad of pent-up boy-goo all over the other two lads’ expectant lips!

Member comments: add comment

A bit mixed feelings towards this scene. Kind of thougt it was sexy and hot, but the tatto's of David made me a shrimp. Just love Mike and Chris!

Bently, 15/January/2017

These are three beautiful young guys. Very hot and sexy. The action is good but could have been a little more varied. Nevertheless I love it and think the rimming was just great. Two cocks together fucking Chris's beautiful hole is a real turn on for me. The fountain of cum from Mike's gorgeous cock into the eager moths of Chris and David is just yummy! 5 stars from me. I love you Staxux!

Ryan, 15/January/2017

Sorry for the spelling errors. Of course I meant to say "eager mouths of Chris and David". And "I love you Staxus". I guess I was so excited after shooting my own hot load!

Ryan, 15/January/2017

One of the best Staxus movies ever ! Thank you very much for these hot and sensitive Scenes !

Niko, 15/January/2017

Showing a little more fever between these 3 gorgeous guys would have been nice.

Jerry, 15/January/2017

Am Anfang eher langweilig, steigerte sich der Film zusehends ..und wurde richtig gut. Was jedoch ein absolutes NOGO ist, waren die Stellungsschnitte, einfach grauenhaft

dieter, 15/January/2017

Let's be honest: This is NOT a good film. Timmy still hasn't learned how to light a scene, how to tell a story and edit it in an interesting way. The beginning is like schoolboys dressing up and trying to act as rich guys - which they so obvously are not. The sound is awful, and - worst: the sex is dull most of the time. The models themselves seemed to be immensely bored and really not interested in what they're doing and what is going on. I was afraid Mike and David would fall asleep during interaction. Only Chris tried to make the best of the awkward situation of too much acrobatics and too little enthusiasm and sensuous "fire". All in all, thumbs up for Chris and thumby down for David and Mike in this scene. And Timmy: Please stop directing! I'm just wondering why Staxus still spends money for such uninspired work.

Theo, 15/January/2017

I must agree with Theo and his comment above. This is another bad scene from Mr Treasure and although it is slightly better than his last offerings it is well short in the quality expected here at Staxus. The current rating of 3.6 shows that the majority of members who have voted agree with that assessment. I stated before in my analysis of Mr Treasure that he lacked any skills as a director as this latest scene just adds to that belief. The models indeed look very bored, the action is stoic and the intro looks like something from a bad 1970's porn. Mr Treasure is obviously trying to be the new "John Smith" and is failing badly. I have to also ask the same as Theo, why did Staxus give Mr Treasure more money to produce another DVD after his first very bad DVD. Please Staxus NO MORE Mr Treasure or you really will damage your brand. I am sure there are many budget sites he could shoot for, Staxus is not one of them.

hanselhutter, 15/January/2017

I must agree about the bad camera positions and filming ancles. Very positive was the hot ass rimming of Chris beautiful hole. I am so glad to see David back again I already assumed he retired for eternity. But I do not like his tatooes, I am not a fan of "destroying" your skin with such big brandings.

Chris, 15/January/2017

I thought this movie was not quite as bad as others suggest, although the guys did seem a bit uninvolved. I am becoming a fan of Mike Cole. I hate tattoos and hope management will try to find more models without tattoos. By the way, it would be nice if management responded to comments here more often, as they used to do.

AliusUK, 15/January/2017

i have to agree with the comments above. The three Boys are awesome but I do not like tattoos & the scene was so uninspiring as the ones we have gotten used to. I hate being critical but I was expecting much more because I love threesomes & this is the first one for some time. I still love Staxus. Please John you are the divine one - we have cum to adore your work with Beautiful Boys.

pugs, 15/January/2017

Dont understand why you complain about the director Mr Treasure. These days many Boys just love big tatoos. That is Fashion. They still look beautiful and it is a very hot Scene with a nice storyline. Thank you , Staxus and thank you Mr Treasure.

Niko, 16/January/2017

Looks like Mr. Treasure has some enemies out there obviously hiding after a nickname here. I liked the video. Hot action and hot boys. Well done

David, 16/January/2017

BTW... did Chris Jansen cum twice!!?? That is awesome! You can see how Mike and David look each other and laugh surprised after his second cumshot. I liked that a lot. Thanks!

David, 16/January/2017

I guess and as the rating of this clip reveals most members didn`t break into euphoria of it we shouldn`t bitch about the director endlessly. Let us better elate hm to improve his productions from clip to clip. Nobody is born as a supertalent, though this tv show claims...:-) Come on dudes, calm down a little and lets lookin`forward to seeing great clips in 2017

Chris, 16/January/2017

Chris , with all due respect we pay for a high quality product and as such thats what we should receive. If Mr Treasure is unable to deliver that product then he should not be shooting for Staxus. How many clips do we have to wait for for him to improve? 2? 5? 10? 20? I am sorry but if I wanted to pay for low grade porn I would have signed up to another website. And David please, enemies? No, just paying customers who have a right to an opinion and a right to expect a high quality product. 2017 has so far been very dissapointing on Staxus, lets hope it improves.

hanselhutter, 16/January/2017

@hanselhutter: Not for beeing understood wrong, as you see my comment above which I revealed one day before I have also been very disappointed about this clip. In comparison to other clips especially with the camera positions this was really on a low quality. Just wanted to calm the atmosphere a little , cause we are all paying members and except something for our bucks..I am with you..greetings from Düsseldorf, northrhine westfalia...chris

Chris, 16/January/2017

that's a good one!

al, 16/January/2017

I recently rejoined Staxus and I only can say that I've seen a lot of awesome, hot scenes. Some are not my cup of tea, so be it. Can happen.I agree with Chris and appreciate(right spelling?) his intention!

Bently, 16/January/2017

Love threesomes, but this one was perhaps not the greatest. The dp was great, but the dp action lasted too short, I wish that David could have held out a bit longer before he blew his load.

biggerthebetter, 17/January/2017

Awful camera work. You can never actually see "Mike Cole" getting fucked.

alex, 20/January/2017

Highlight: At 11:05, Mike Cole gets to lick ass while being fucked. Hooray! I've frequently commented that I'd like to see more of that, and this scene provides it. Thanks, Staxus. I'll definitely be downloading this scene for my permanent library.

Ty Huber, 21/February/2018

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