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Bareback Fuck Date, Sc.3: Horny Slut Picks A Dick, Then Bangs Ass To Hot, Creamy Finale! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 44)
Added: 19/January/2017
Duration: 24 minutes, 13 seconds
Comments: 25


The dating-show parody continues, with new contestant Milan Silver promptly introduced by the ever-charismatic Titus Snow for another round of hardcore dating. Not that there’s ever any hope of romance with this filthy-minded cattle-market; with Silver selecting his date (Mark Flynn) courtesy of a simple line-up of cocks. And with Snow promptly out of the picture, the two newly introduced buddies head for another room to enjoy a little privacy – all nicely captured by an array of waiting cameras!

It’s all heady craziness, of course; but by the time these two beauties are feverishly snogging each other and pulling away each other’s clothes, all hint of silliness has been promptly dispelled. Indeed, there’s no denying the fact that the lads are clearly very much into each other; with young Flynn even taking the time to express a little armpit worship on Silver’s hairless pits. Such blinding adoration only continues when the two lads finally get their cocks out, with each fellow lustfully munching on each other’s delicious shafts; before Silver finally gets the chance to turn his attention to Flynn’s pert little ass, which he eagerly rims, before burying himself balls-deep into that hairless wonder.

It’s a move that young Flynn clearly approves of, given the delight that he proceeds to display whilst being buggered in a whole series of positions – culminating in him riding Silver reverse-cowboy style like a common whore. Not surprisingly, the whole display is soon way too much for either of the boys, both of whom proceed to sign off with violent displays of pent-up jizz!

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Ein richtig geiles Video. Schon der Beginn, als Milan seinen dicken Ständer herausholt aufgegeilt durch Marks saftigen Schwanz. Beide Boys harmonieren sehr gut miteinander und sind extrem hübsch. Man merkt dass Mark es vollkommen genießt gefickt zu werden. Denke er ist eine ausschließlich passive Stute. Als man zum Ende hin sein offenes Arschloch sieht als Milan ihn kurz rauszieht, sieht es aus als ob das Loch atmet, was es vermutlich auch tut. Herrlich, ich musste 2x während des Clips abspritzen. Ein Video für eine Ständergarantie! 5 Punkte

Chris, 19/January/2017

A much better clip than the last effort and both models are very nice indeed. One thing I do hate and I dont mean to be rude but I dont want to hear about members cumming or having hardons. The thought of some fat old man masturbating is enough to make anyone go soft.

hanselhutter, 19/January/2017

@hanselhutter: Hopefully I do not fit into the catergory "old" with 31 years, but I can quit with telling my orgies, of course. To come back to this video as I mentioned in german before..perfection!

Chris, 19/January/2017

OMG is this discussion seriously going on? I must say that I find hanselhutter's comment utterly undignified and disgraceful! Am i old&fat or rather young&slim? Or something in between? I won't say 'cause it's nobody's business here. What I surely am is a human being, a man who's paying for getting access to porn = jerkoff material. So if I were old&fat I wouldn't be allowed to do so? If you have problems with getting hard, hanselhutter, it's your problem. Don't imagine things that make you soft! No one forces you to do so. And there's so much silly talk going on here in the comments, that some guy telling us about his cumming is definitely not the worst. One day you will also be old - and angry concerning the ignorance and arrogance of people like you. Your comment is a disgrace and a shame!

Theo, 19/January/2017

I am totally with you Theo, who matters how someone looks like, porn is not real life and for me the character of a person is in focus, if he is fat or slim,tall or small..who matters! This comment of him was really abusive cause he didnt know who I am how old I am.. If not to tell randy things and so on on a gayporn site, then where else...cheers!

Chris, 19/January/2017

Hi. The only thing that matters here as usual is that the guys are cute, sexy and make good unhibited horny sex with good chemistry to keep us all happy ! Plse keep it that way for many years again. .

Christian, 19/January/2017

Den Anfang kennt man ja mehr oder weniger schon von der vorherigen Dating-Show , aber trotzdem fand ich das schon sehr erregend… Wenn die Schwänze beim Gloryhole so raushängen…Scharf fand ich die Szene so in der ca 19.45 als Mark vom milan runter geht und den Schwanz sofort in seinen Mund nimmt…dann wieder auf den Schwanz stieg, Milan fickte dann nun härter, und da flutschte der fickende Schwanz raus… herrlich dabei wie Mark Rossette offen ist, fast schon nach Luft schnappt , dann wieder gefickt wird

dieter, 19/January/2017

Lets all discuss how many times each scene makes us cum, or what we did while we were masturbating, my fingers were in my ass, oh yeh. Actually why dont we start posting pics of our cocks and share that with each other.... gosh you people are ridiculous. Comment about the scenes and the models, nobody wants to hear about what you do at home.

hanselhutter, 19/January/2017

Insulting others even more is your answer, hanselhutter? You should rather have apologised for your comment above. I'm definitely not a ridiculius person, but you seem to be an arrogant and indecent one. And that will be my very last comment on this site. My subscription to Staxus is expiring in five days and I won't come back. It's people like you with all their aggressive language that ruin the discussions here.

Theo, 19/January/2017

Please let us stop discussions on kindergarten niveau...I am with Theo, we are here not in a cloister and I am not a monk....when not to talk about personal feelings and sexual emotions here then where else..come on dudes we didn`t start discussions and posting comments here for talking about the weather..

Chris, 19/January/2017

Cooking and porn are alike: with the same models / products one can make an excellent meal/video or something very bad. And I'm very sad when I see gorgeous guys in a bad scene. But happily this scene is a good one and the cooker knows how to make us hard with these beautiful young men :)

Jerry, 20/January/2017

Nicely said Jerry, total agree!

bently, 20/January/2017

whoa, the Czech republic once again serves us again with two incredibly handsome guys, it must be something magic in the Czech water ;) The opening of the scene was lots and lots of fun, the sex part was great too. The only negative is that sometimes it feels a bit like we have seen it all before two incredibly handsome guys have sensual sex together. I long for some really rough domination/submission scenes again like the scene with Jeffrey Lloyd and Jace Reed from may 15th. If Jace hasn't retired from porn please bring him back, (I especially wouldn't mind seeing him pound Ray Mannix's hole =)

biggerthebetter, 20/January/2017

@hanselhutter why did you subscribe to this site? You don't seem to like or enjoy any clips judging by your comment.

biggerthebetter, 20/January/2017

With respect Theo, you would be very silly to leave the site just because another member makes a crass comment. You are letting someone else drive your behaviour.

AliusUK, 20/January/2017

@AliusUK ... Oh no you've misunderstood me. Of course I'm not leaving the site because of those comments It's that I find Helix better than Staxus and have subscribed to them. But thanks for your concern ☺

Theo, 21/January/2017

@biggerthebetter You are correct sir, I dont enjoy the clips which is why like Theo above I am leaving the site and subscribing to Bel Amis new Freshmen site which has far better action and models than Staxus. I am sure judging by the quality of the recent clips that myself and Theo will not be the last to leave and many others will follow.

hanselhutter, 21/January/2017

I just wanted to add that after viewing John Smiths Twitter account I note that there are no new exciting models coming either and Mr Smith is just recycling the same old models from last year *yawn*. The two aforementioned sites above Helix and Freshmen regularly break new models, never seen elsewhere before, whilst Staxus just recycles everyone elses secondhand models. If Staxus truly want to be on a par with the big boys then surely its time to start breaking in some hot new faces never seen before which will attract new members. Until then I fear Staxus will always play second fiddle to the likes of Freshmen, BA & Helix.

hanselhutter, 21/January/2017

I find the guys here more real than Belami and there has been a good number of sexy new models on Staxus recently.

AliusUK, 21/January/2017

Sorry hanselhutter and Theo but Helix is very boring and has maybe real soft-porn, but it can't compeet with Staxus. The problem with Belami and Freshmen is they are becoming American orientated with their filming, which I hate. Staxus has most of the time cute, hot twinks and ditto scenes! Keep it that way john!

bently, 21/January/2017

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