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Wake Up Call Proves To A Hard Cocked Fuck For This Hot Beauty! HD

2.2/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 22/January/2017
Duration: 16 minutes, 12 seconds
Comments: 25


When you’re in any kind of sexual relationship with someone, it’s always good to have synchronised desires – after all, it’s no use one party being horny when all the other one wants to do is go to sleep (and vice versa). Which is exactly the problem that Jamie Allen and Peter Nowak discover at the start of this terrific duo, when Nowak finds himself alert and ready for action whilst his best buddy Allen just wants to continue to doze. In the end there’s nothing for it but for Nowak to head for the shower to cool off, leaving us to enjoy the sight of his handsome young body and his fine, uncut cock; but the good news for everyone is that Allen is much more receptive to attention upon his mate’s return.

That, of course, may have something to do with the terrific display of rimming that Nowak undertakes on Allen’s arse-hole; promptly followed by the horny bastard thrusting his now grossly swollen shaft into the same eager orifice. No-one could ever accuse the youngster of taking his time, that’s for fucking sure; and before you know it Nowak is pounding away for all he’s worth, before taking a little break to slurp on his pal’s meaty ramrod.

But there’s no denying that what Nowak really wants to do is fill Allen’s guts – a task that he’s soon undertaking once again with characteristic relish. It’s a move that Allen clearly appreciates, taking every inch of uncut dick like a true pro; before both lads reach the point of no return, with Allen jerking out a fine wad of spunk all over his belly and Nowak adding to the sticky splurge with a tremendous explosion all of his own!

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Some Harry Potter would have work with the studio to create the magic that is missing in this scene.

Jerry, 22/January/2017

Ich bin bei Staxus weil ich Bareback Filme sehen will.. Seit 31.12.16 sind bereits 10 "Safe" Filme veröffentlicht worden.... Es reicht ! Daher auch eine schlechte Bewertung für den Film (Schaue mir den gar net erst an) Über die Hintergründe zu den Film, das hier Staxus uns USER wohl "anschwindelt" sage ich mal nix ....

dieter, 22/January/2017

Wow, judging from the light outside the window, they fucked all day and all night. Amazing how it all edits down to 16 minutes. The top is adorable and I loved the bottom's hairy legs.

GaryHerbert, 22/January/2017

Staxus and John, you've reached the bottom: one word is enough for this - trash.

Theo, 22/January/2017

You have told us in the blog your safe sex condom movies wld be " exceptional " , and then we see this one again ( plus the previous archive one )...I really think this is enough and wonder what happens to Staxus ?? We subscribe on the site to see cum in ass, mouth, cum play, good bb play etc...and you know it.

Christian, 22/January/2017

I wouldn't bother putting up old films, unless they are truly exceptional.

AliusUK, 22/January/2017

Staxus has been a wonderful company for years, and has provided us with great bareback twink porn featuring adorably handsome models like Mike Branco, Noah Mathous, Martyn Fox, etc. I hope that Staxus will find new models as attractive as your earlier beauties, or bring back exceptional boys like Mike Branco, if he is still available to make porn for you. Average looking guys like Jamie Allen and Manuel Adams really are not up to the standard of young male beauty that we expect from Staxus. We especially expect and want to see pretty bottom boys, and lots of raw sex. So please keep producing the sort of bareback twink porn with beautiful models that we have come to love and expect from Staxus. After all, you have to keep up with your competitors, the other twink porn making companies!

Professormarvel, 22/January/2017

Die Jungs sind ja süß, aber ich muss meinen Kollegen zustimmen. Habe mich bei Staxus angemeldet, weil ich mich über geilen versauten Barebacksex freue. Und das klappte in den letzten Jahren meiner Mitgliedschaft gut... Nun immer wieder Szenen mit Kondomen - wirklich abtörnend...hoffe dass nicht länger Szenen mit Kondomen produziert werden..schade um die eigentlich geilen Aktionen

Chris, 22/January/2017

Something wrong here. Judging by the pix it's Allen that does the shagging not Adams

Toss6996er, 22/January/2017

I don't regret my year subcription because of all the nice videos made by John Smith. I think the war of prices between gay porn sites plus the free porn tubes make things difficult. But I'll always prefere quality more than quantity (am I the only one?) and I hope John will give us more beautiful scenes and handsome young twinks in the future. May be Staxus will find soon a good director/editer to help him and won't have to release mean videos we could find for free on internet. With love.

Jerry, 22/January/2017

You're right Jerry, but when there's not enough new material for now I prefer remastered hot scenes from the past. There are enough of them. Meanwhile I hope to watch hot scenes coming month, as promissed .

bently, 22/January/2017

Rasty Slut would be HOT remastering!

bently, 22/January/2017

I agree with you @Bently even if remastered good videos show us models we have seen and reviewed too often. But it's obvious, watching the rating, this "new" scene, here, was not what staxus' members was expecting... (quality videos)

Jerry, 23/January/2017

I for one enjoyed it. Good Czech lesson at the beginning. Nicer than having the boys talk to each other in robotic "English".

fuckworthy, 26/January/2017

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