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An explosive orgy in the barrack dorm

4.3/5 (Total votes: 11)


Tim Taillor, Dorien Preston, Marco Filipi, Johny Hunter, Leon Cook, Tomas Mark, Joe Page

Added: 24/January/2012
Duration: 27 minutes, 35 seconds
Comments: 25


The final scene is an explosive orgy in the barrack dorm. Six young and hung studs pick on a young, slim dark haired lad, getting him to strip for them. He sucks them all to stiffness, opening his legs wide so they can each finger his butt hole at the same time. What follows is a fabulously sleazy gangbang where all six studs take turns to fuck Tomas bareback; how cock hungry this lad must be, being able to take on six studs all at their prime, finishing by swallowing all six lots of spunk.

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This scene is really hot and somehow seems more, "natural," than modern porn. There's more oral-anal action in one current day porn than I've engaged in during the course of my entire life. These older scenes just seem more, "real," to me. Perhaps I'm just old now!

GaryHerbert, 01/February/2018

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