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Staxus Classic: World Soccer Orgy 2 - Scene 5 - Remastered in HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 26)


Tony Koch, Richard Said, Cameron Jackson

Added: 04/February/2017
Duration: 18 minutes, 30 seconds
Comments: 25


Some reporters and photographers will go to almost any length to ensure that they’re at the vanguard of their trade – as Cameron Jackson demonstrates here when he hides away in a hotel bathroom, whilst horny footballers Tony Koch and Richard Said get down and dirty together in the adjacent bedroom. Of course, it goes without saying that Jackson’s objective is to get the kind of scoop that will make the front page; but (as soon becomes apparent) he runs the distinct risk of becoming embroiled in the antics of the very same people that he’s trying to snap.

That’s not before we’ve enjoyed an extremely satisfying duo from the two players, however; with both lads taking time out to enjoy the handsome ramrods that they’ve both got stashed in their shorts, then Said taking full advantage of the situation by fucking the living daylights out of his colleague’s tight little fuck-hole. Given the level of intensity between these two buddies it’s perhaps not surprising that Said is soon rupturing a very impressive wad of jizz all over Koch’s pert arse – totally unaware at this point that Jackson is capturing the performance with his camera.

It’s not many moments later, however, that Jackson’s rumbled – at which point Said makes his apologies and leaves, giving the young photographer the opportunity to enjoy a bit of alone time with Koch himself and to give the still mega-horny footballer a clearly much-welcomes fuck of his own. Cue a terrific second duo of the scene, which sees Koch ride Jackson’s dick like a bitch; before both lads spew like geysers!

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Cute boys, but for me a boring scene! Pity, because I think there are lots more hotter scenes to remaster. 3*** for the cuties, no more.

bently, 04/February/2017

gay Love as pure Holiness ! The Masculinity as Manifestation of God, as God's Power. The Cock of Cameron is wonderful like God. Is God to worshipping, and so his precious and wonderful Sperm. The World and World's Youth increasingly gay !!

Paolo Monaco, 05/February/2017

but no, I'm wrong, God is only Purity.

Paolo Monaco, 05/February/2017

it's wonderful worship the Virility of Cameron !

Paolo, 21/April/2017

but is better Virility on Purity.

Paolo Monaco, 11/August/2017

But the Beauty and the powerful Holiness of Cameron's Phallus out of the cute Thong has no Equal.

Paolo Monaco, 12/August/2017

In any Case, spiritual Forces are winning.

PaoloMonaco, 13/August/2017

but it must be said that the Video with Cameron really has the Connotations of a sacred homosexual religious Ceremony, there is the Atmosphere of Religiosity. And I believe it is right so, because Love is always a sacred Act that recalls the Intervention of God into those who love it. Then, we know how the virile Member is God's Incarnation.

PaoloMonaco, 14/September/2017

But, to the Point of the world Society is today, the Problem is clear. Sex, and especially gay Sex, is seen as pure Hedonism, pure carnal Pleasure, while it is true Spirituality. The Future of Humanity is certainly gay, and this is beautiful, but not enough. Homosexual Love, the noblest and the most holy one, must become sacred Religiosity. To do this, Christian Churches (and I am catholic), Islam, Buddhism, and all other religious Structures must evolve into homosexual Churches and homosexual Religions, that is, Love and gay Sex must be at the Center of every Ceremony, Mass, Marriage, etc. So we will transform the World in a truly mystical, pure, holy Way.

PaoloMonaco, 14/September/2017

But, let's talk about it, the ideal will win

Paolo, 21/October/2017

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