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Do Me Daddy, Sc.4: Horny Sparky Gives Hot Office Guy A Heavenly Bolt Up The Ass! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 61)
Added: 09/March/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 50 seconds
Comments: 25


He claims to have come to the office to inspect the electricity sockets; but given the fact that he’s wearing a sleeveless vest and gives only a half-hearted check of the equipment in the office, you’d be forgiven for making the assumption that Joshua Levy’s intentions are somewhat more carnal than he’d have you believe. Especially when he decides to put on an almost sickly display of charm towards Martin Rivers, complementing the fellow on his hair and giving suggestive looks. Suffice it to say that the young office worker soon finds himself to be little more than putty in Levy’s hands; as the horny electrician quickly demonstrates that it’s inspections of a very different kind that warrants his attendance.

Moments later and Levy is indeed giving a close examination – of his buddy’s cock! Not that Rivers is against providing his own oral assessment in return, feasting on Levy’s handsome ramrod with eager relish – whilst still positioned in his office chair! Not that he’s sat there for very much longer after this point, it must be said. Soon Levy’s got him bundled over the desk and is rimming that tight little arse of his for all he’s worth; before energetically thrusting every inch of his dick deep into the lad’s lucky pucker.

It marks the start of a truly wanktastic display of boy-on-boy fornication, which ultimately sees Levy pounding his mate down on the floor with full-octane fury; and which eventually sees Rivers getting his rich reward in the form of an ass-load of jizz. Little wonder the fellow celebrates with a mesmerising multi-shot wad of his own all over Levy’s still straining dick!

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This video differs in the point of quality to some others cause this was on a premium level. Beginning with the tongue kissing up to the hot ass rimming ending with a final fuck and Joshuas cum shot on Martins ass. Wow! I am the biggest fan of sweet Joshua. He is a sexmonster...

Chris, 09/March/2017

Sorry Chris, but I don't think it was premium. It was a nice scene with sometimes hot filming ( the rimming and the end were hot) but a lot is more the less boring for me. The filming could have been better as well as the suuroundings. I gave it 4**** because I just just think both Martin and Joshua are hot.

bently, 09/March/2017

It's a privilege to have the opportunity to watch these two beautiful guys having sex. A fun office work I could apply for!

Jerry, 10/March/2017

Beautiful boys, so sexy! I seem to fall in love several times a week with your boys. Or is it lust? A lot of each I think. Martin is exquisite, with a great body and a beautiful sexy hole. Joshua is such a great rimmer and was just up for it once again. I love him doing his stuff, which is a real turn on. He is great at fucking and cums a nice load, and with such passion. I wanted to lick his cum from Martin's sweet hole. Yummy!

Ryan, 10/March/2017

Congratulations for producing another great scene. In my opinion, young Martin Rivers is the most beautiful and sexy bottom boy that Staxus is using as a model at present, and Josh Levy is hot as a top or a bottom. Staxus needs to find additional, pretty and young bottom boys like Martin Rivers. Some of your bottom boys that Staxus has been using for years (like Noah Matous) are now past their prime, as they mature from pretty boys into men. Staxus needs to find some new 18 year old, pretty bottom boys to supplement your current supply of pretty bottom boy models. But Staxus did very well when you hired Martin Rivers, and we could never see too much of him. Note: Your hottest scenes show pretty white bottom boys being fucked and seeded by big-dicked black top men, and we have seen too few scenes like that lately. Staxus needs to find more huge black cocks to fuck your pretty white bottom boys, to breed them and to feed them big loads of cum. Keep up the good work for us grateful members.

Professormarvel, 11/March/2017

Well done, boys. Nice chemistry (a nice chat and smiles all the time) and the action was very good. I like the positions chosen, specially doggy and the last one on the floor. And it all ends good with Martin sucking Joshua again. And... it's a pleasure to watch Mr. Levy again.

Vaclav, 12/March/2017

Very sweet movie with two very hot models! Thank you guys.

fuckworthy, 28/March/2017

Indeed Martin has surely the Best , sexiest and most beautiful ass and hole among all Staxus guys , together maybe with Angel Lopez's and Pyotr Valentine at this moment... Too hard to choose !

christian, 09/June/2017

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