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Double Me, Sc.2: Hairless-Arsed Beaut Gets Double-Fucked & Splattered With Jizz! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 54)
Added: 30/April/2017
Duration: 40 minutes, 41 seconds
Comments: 25


Donkey-dicked new boy, Adam Webb, is definitely keen – especially when he wakes up one morning and discovers that he and his mate, Vitali Kutcher, have overslept. Unfortunately – or fortunately, whichever way you look at it! – there’s simply no way that he’s going to get his mate out of bed in a hurry; especially when Kutcher realises that Webb is hung like a horse and as horny as hell! In just a few moments the hot little bitch’s mouth is hanging off Webb’s ramrod like his life depended on it; leaving the kinky bastard so turned on that he’s quickly allowing Webb to shove sex-beads up his tight arse-hole.

All of which sets the scene nicely for the ensuing threesome the next day, when Lucas Drake and Bjorn Nykvist discover Webb fast asleep in his bunk and decide to compare his oversized flagpole with their own handsome shafts. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take long for Webb to wake up – at which point Drake soon becomes the focal point of all the action, with his buddies thrusting their aching dicks into the lad’s mouth, before ripping off his clothes to enjoy what’s nestling inside the boy’s pants.

Cue a truly terrific threesome between these divine beauties, which culminates in the almost unbelievable sight of Drake plonking his hairless hole straight down onto his mates’ cocks simultaneously and riding them together like a bitch on acid. If that doesn’t take you to the point of ecstasy – no doubt flicking the rewind button as you jerk! – we don’t know what will. But seeing the slut’s face getting creamed by a tsunami of cum makes it a climax guaranteed!

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Very hot scene :D but isn't that lukas drake?

Drew, 30/April/2017

Fantastic Video. A little out of the ordinary as it starts with new boy Adam Web waking Vitali to play with his beautiful ass. Inserting toys into that delicious hole. Yummy! Then it turned to Adam with Bjorn and Lukas in a 3-way action. Lovely to see beautiful Lukas having his sweet ass used so much. Rimming and fucking it. Oh yes! And I loved the new boy Adam. He is so handsome and could be a big star. 5 stars not enough!

Ryan, 30/April/2017

I didn't find the first part of the video very hot but the 3some of the second part deserves five stars. And... the big dick of Adam is a fascinating "killing tool" !! :=)

Jerry, 30/April/2017

Mixed feelings, so I keep stum....

bently, 30/April/2017

You didn't bently:). I quite liked this video. Gay porn is generally dull and unimaginative. I feel Staxus is making an effort to challenge the stale conventions of gay porn.

AliusUK, 01/May/2017

to keep it timple - OMG thanks Staxus, this was a true feast from the first second of the clip to the last

biggerthebetter, 01/May/2017

Lucas is a dream come true & with two monster cocks a fantasy. Staxus you are awesome. Oh & Vitali i Love him too xxxxx *****

pugs, 01/May/2017

Visually, this is about as great as it gets, i suppose. But seriously, over a half hour of just moans & groans? It is un-realistic to have such a huge cock enter an asshole w/o ANY comments! The subtitles were GREAT at start then disappeared,

justcurious, 02/May/2017

Lucas erst-while hairstyle with his lng hair was more attractive for me but still he is a cutie, as well as of course Bjorn...

Chris, 04/May/2017

Love the ass Play. Every video has great shots of the twinks hole. Love Hole Play.!!! 10 out of 5

grizzly, 12/May/2017

This video is super hot. The 4 guys are awesome and their chemistry shows up on screen. Loved seeing cute Lucas taking and enjoying 2 big dicks at once and Adam licking Bjorn's dick on horny ATM.

christian, 05/August/2017

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