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Fight Night, Sc.4: Boxing Wannabe Gets His Pretty Little Ring Pounded Mercilessly! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 04/May/2017
Duration: 32 minutes, 13 seconds
Comments: 25


He might be sporting a shorter, groovier haircut, but it’s still highly unlikely that anyone would associate young Lucas Drake with boxing. With his lithe build and his twinkish mannerisms, he seems more the kind of lad who’d simply end up being pulverised in the ring – excuse the obvious pun! That said, Rob Nielsen – whose physique is much more in keeping with a role in the sport – clearly sees some kind of potential in the lad, when he invites his pretty-boy neighbour up to his apartment for a session with his punchbag. Either that or he reckons it’s a good way of getting inside his pants!

Whatever the reason, that’s exactly what promptly ensues when the two fellows finally team up shortly after their initial encounter; though in fairness it’s Drake who finds himself down on his knees, hanging off the end of Nielsen’s ramrod like a compliant bitch. That’s absolutely nothing to what follows, however; with the hardened muscle-boy soon making a beeline for Drake’s hairless little pucker once he’s briefly gobbled on Drake’s schlong, before burying every aching inch of his man-meat into the lad’s guts.

If the bottom expects an easy ride from this point on, however, he’s very much in for a big surprise. Nielsen’s failure to turn his buddy into a boxer has clearly left him mega-frustrated, and he’s quickly venting out his fury on his neighbour’s fuck-hole. So much so that Drake is left yelping with a mix of pain and pleasure, as he’s buggered in a series of positions. All in all, a brutal, uncompromising, eye-rolling experience, culminating in a top-notch facial for the lucky, lucky boy!

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Lukas Drake is sex on legs. He sucks cock beautifully and loves swallowing the cum. His beautiful ass hole is so inviting, and Rob licks it as is he is licking a pot of honey. Then the bareback fucking is such a pleasure for him. I was in heaven whilst watching. How can I give it more than 5 stars?

Ryan, 04/May/2017

It's a good scene with 2 different but very sexy guys. Lucas become a specialist of the cumming hands free and it's always delightful. Only one thing, for me, Lucas was cutest with his former haircut

Jerry, 04/May/2017

Lukas Drake is very sweet but at the moment on a lot of Videos, where are the other staxus models : Pjotr Tomek example

Michael, 04/May/2017

Intensive ans excesive rimming - OMG this was so hot...yes this vid was outstanding but I also miss the mixture of other models and not always Lucas

Chris, 04/May/2017

Hot as a pistol is Lucas! Great rimming and loved the coming of Lucas! Agree with @Jerry about the haircut of Lucas, loved his face with the curly hair....

bently, 04/May/2017

Thanks for this lovely video! I totally agree with Ryan about Lucas! (Also with Jerry -- the curls were very special.)

fuckworthy, 04/May/2017

I love this scene! the whole clip was good but the finale was simply spectacular, Lucas' handsfree orgasm, and Rob first shooting a bit of cum inside Lucas and then feeding him the rest of his load. I never get tired of seeing Lucas, so cool with a guy who has made bottoming into an artform (not too mention his handsfree orgasms that we have had the pleasure to see more than once) 5+++++/5 stars

biggerthebetter, 05/May/2017

Rob is the new god,we cant get enough of him!

byck, 09/May/2017

sweet Boys. The Future is with Boys and Mens no longer in War between them, but that they give mutual Love to themselves.

PaoloMonaco, 13/September/2017

someone please create a "Hands-Free Cum" tag

panda, 07/December/2017

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