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Double Me, Sc.3: Small Guy Gets Two Big, Fat Dicks To Ride & A Face-Load Of Jizz! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 62)
Added: 07/May/2017
Duration: 24 minutes, 47 seconds
Comments: 25


He’s never been the greatest party animal in town, so it’s perhaps not that big a surprise to see Jaro Stone taking a little bit of umbrage when his house-buddies (Lucas Drake and Johnathan Strake) arrive home late one evening having very clearly had one or two drinks. However, whilst they may be a little bit inebriated they’re still both as sexy as fuck – something a guy like Stone has never been able to resist! As a result, the three mates are quickly smooching away like a trio of over-sexed hog-whores; and before you know it Stone is stark-bollock naked with Strake feasting off his dick and Drake rimming his arguably under-used ass-hole.

It all serves as a tasty appetiser for the main action to come, which centres very much on the diminutive Strake, whose own little pucker has never been reticent when it comes to action – and who once again proves his worth as a power-bottom when confronted by the sight of two beautiful cocks in full rut! Suffice it to say that the horny fucker takes everything that Drake and Stone can throw at him; with Drake taking time out to enjoy some of the action for himself when the three lads join up for a daisy-chain fuck-fest.

But there’s absolutely no doubting the highlight of this terrific escapade – the unbelievably hot sight of Strake plonking himself down on the combined lengths of both his buddies’ dicks and riding them like the totally uncontrolled slut that he is. In his excitement, he quite literally spurts like a geyser all over himself; before taking a face-load of spunk for a finale. In short, a blistering, jizz-inducing wank-fest!

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Cute guys, hot rimming, hot filming Staxus! Great scene.... All over 5*****

bently, 07/May/2017

best part from this theme so far, would be a pity if the're some pictures from this hot scene and you guys just forgot to add these ;)

Bob, 07/May/2017

You are so brilliant in thinking of new situations to put these sexy Boys in. I Love you STAXUS for your originality & putting these three lovely adorable Boys together. Thank you xxxxx.

pugs, 07/May/2017

Yes definately this triple fit together like honey and bread;-) I liked it

Chris, 07/May/2017

3 handsome guys in a hot video. But I can't help have some fear about Johnathan's ass and how our lovely model feels after such a scene.

Jerry, 08/May/2017

Wonderful video. Loved it from beginning to end. It had all the things I love. Beautiful young guys, everyone takes turns rimming each other, lots of fucking, daisy chain, double penetration. Difficult to hold back before the end of the video. HaHa! 25 stars from me!

Ryan, 08/May/2017

j adore comment jonathan strake est une chienne et salope dans les scènes

th, 09/May/2017

a quand une scène gangbang avec un maximum qui s occupe de jonathan strake

th, 09/May/2017

Staxus, please produce more "cum in ass" = felching szenes the one with Pyotr was breathtaking. Extremely like to see the actie one breeding and when the final comes and all the sperm is beeing pushed out of the bottom!....:-)

Chris, 09/May/2017

I would love to see Lucas topping some twink. He has a beautiful body, chest and shoulders, perfect to be a great top!

david, 11/May/2017

Can never get enough of Lucas!

sfwestcoaster, 19/August/2017

I love Johnathan and his sweet ass. He gets rimmed fucked and then fucked by both eager cocks. Great!

Randy Rimmer, 03/January/2018

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