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Face To Face, Sc.2: Sleeping Sweethearts Start The Day With A Sweaty, Jizzy Fuck! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 40)
Added: 11/May/2017
Duration: 28 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve all had mornings like it – waking up and feeling as horny as fucking hell! And naturally it’s always much, more worse – or better! – if you wake up next to someone who seriously floats your proverbial boat. That’s the situation that Andy Scott finds himself in when he comes to consciousness lying next to Bjorn Nykvist; and it’ll be no surprise to anyone that the urge to rut is soon blissfully overpowering the poor lad. As a result he’s quickly making a beeline for his pal’s handsome rump, which is barely concealed by the plush jockstrap that Nykvist is wearing.

That said, the pretty young blond isn’t wearing them for long. Before you know it Scott has made serious inroads into its defences and is very eagerly rimming his mate’s arse – an act that promptly brings Nykvist out of his sweet slumber. From that point onwards, of course, there’s little stopping the fabulous assault that Scott adopts on his buddy – gobbling away on Nykvist’s now rock-hard shaft, 69-ing the fellow with some serious no-holds-barred rimming, and then finally securing his vantage balls-deep in the young blond’s guts.

It’s a line of action that clearly meets with the bottom’s overriding approval given the way that he reacts – writhing and groaning in pleasure and generally acting his part of wayward bitch. Indeed, anyone doubting that the sincerity of either party just has to consider the way in which each of these boys marks their final pitches – Scott blasting his pal’s well-worked rosebud, and Nykvist firing off an arguably obscene wad over his own belly as well as his partner’s joyously expectant face!

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When i noticed Bjorn and Andy were here together, i felt "this is going to be good". I think Bjorn is an amazing versatile and Andy a good bottom and then....i see Andy topping Bjorn. A surprise, because I thought Bjorn was going to take good care of Andy's ass :). I can see Bjorn is really the type of boy that can do everything! I really like you, Bjorn. Just one more thing: Andy "ate" Bjorn's body, cock and body before they started to fuck in a way that ....looks like he was very hungry :). And those first minutes were very hot.

Vaclav, 11/May/2017

This is really hot. Andy looks really horny for hot sex. The hungry rimming of Bjorn's delicious hole is a real turn on. Again and again he attacks the hole with his tongue. I got so horny!!! And the bareback fucking is also just great. Fantastic cum swallowing is a big big bonus! It made me explode! Oh these hot and horny Staxus models!

Ryan, 11/May/2017

I would have liked to see Bjorn fucking Andy as we see in the header and the photo gallery, but sadly nothing in the video !? :=(

Jerry, 11/May/2017

Hot rimming!! Lovesd it.

bently, 11/May/2017

Der beste Film seit langen hier auf Staxus. Mit einem TOP Andy --er ist einfach Sex pur ..Nichts gespielt.. Er macht SEX mit Leidenschaft vor der Kamera ... Bjoern hat seinen Meister gefunden.. 5 Sterne -Perfekt

dieter, 11/May/2017

Don`t know exactly why but I missing the "special effect". It was a video on a high level indeed but is it my most favorite? No...But can give 4,5 of 5 points

Chris, 13/May/2017

Chris, I agree with you, after watching several times I know I miss the connexien with one another. They are distant.

bently, 14/May/2017

Andy shows a lot of hott sexual passion but he has really lost his boyish good looks . The HD camera needs to back off a bit as it is not kind to blemished skin. Bjorn is the star is this video...dr

dr, 14/May/2017

Ahoj Vaclav - seš čech?

fuckworthy, 15/May/2017

Ahoj fuckworthy.... No, im not czech. But i like Vaclav's name for my username. It's a "tribute" to czech boys. Vaclav, as you know, used to be a very common name used by czech people. Im from a very hot and welcoming country from the ...South :)

Vaclav, 16/May/2017

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