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Face to Face, Sc.3: Doe-Eyed Rex Gives Hard, Horny Spaniard A Right Raw Fucking! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 48)
Added: 18/May/2017
Duration: 23 minutes, 3 seconds
Comments: 25


No-one could ever claim that Mark Fontana was slow on the uptake. Less than forty seconds after introducing himself to the delightfully twinkish Connor Rex, the young Spaniard has his face buried in his new buddy’s crotch, feasting on the handsome shaft of meat that’s straining there. Not that Rex is anyway less opportunistic once the chance comes to swop positions; but as introductions go it’s certainly one to remember. What’s more, it’s not long before both beauties are laid out on the bed 69-ing each other like a pair of bookends – testimony, if testimony was indeed needed, that neither of these horned-up sluts are any less enthusiastic for dick than the other.

Eventually, however, the lust for hot, raw man-meat seems to overcome Fontana more than his fresh-faced pal; and with Rex taking opportunity to rim the tattooed dude’s hairless little pucker, it’s not too long before the boy from Barcelona is getting his guts filled to capacity by a thick, uncut ramrod. To some, of course, this would be the stuff of nightmares. To a young, cock-crazed slut like Fontana, whose very existence seems to be to get as much dick inside him as possible, it’s sheer Nirvana; as Rex continues to bang away at his pucker in a whole series of positions like a wild animal.

Given the intensity of this first “date”, it’s perhaps no surprise that the young bottom is soon at the point of no turning back; literally having the jizz pump out of him all over his own belly. Leaving Rex to sign things off with his own torrid rupture, which Fontana eagerly laps up so that the two of them can share a gooey kiss!

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Kind of disappointed. Connor Rex is such a sweetheart. But Connor should NOT be a top. He has a beautiful boypussy and he was born to ride big hot cocks. We are all craving more footage of Connor's hot hole: well-fucked, dilated and spread. Please, please, more of Connor's hot ass!

abbess, 18/May/2017

Sexy young guys get sexier. Love all the hot action. New boy Mark makes a lovely bottom. I just loved the rimming, and of course the hot fucking. Connor is a great versatile boy, and would be great in the future in the middle of a three-in-line. Would be fantastic to see. Yummy boys!

Ryan, 18/May/2017

Lovely to see Mark enjoying being with Conner. Most Boys seem in agony but Mark is a joy to watch with this remarkable Boy Conner pounding him with all his worth. Great to belong to Staxus & your beautiful Boys ***** xxxxx

Pugs , 18/May/2017

For some reason I am not able to look at the photos has anyone else had this trouble ?

pugs, 18/May/2017

It's always a pleasure to see Connor even if I find there is a lack of fever in the action that is a little robotic. The kissing of the end is a turn-off for me but I hope a lot of viewers liked it. I send my love respectfully to Connor and Mark who obviously did their best to please us.

Jerry, 18/May/2017

I enjoyed every second of this brilliant stuff. Connor is such a handsome and polite guy, if he was my boyfriend I should be jealous every day for not sharing him with other boys...;-) The rimming part was very hot and the end with the cum kissing - just like in paradise...5 of 5 points if I could I`d vote even much more....

Chris, 18/May/2017

Very nice scene. I mentioned that I thought that Connor looked a little too young in his first scene. But in this one he looks like the perfect 18 year old twink. I do tend to agree with Abbess I prefer to see him bottom, with such a nice bum and hole it's a shame to not stick anything inside it =) Please upload that stats on Connor I wanna know his age and height.

biggerthebetter, 18/May/2017

Does Connor have a hard - on right from the beginning when he is still wearing his underpants? OMG - so horny I guess he is also gay in real life. A little feminine positively meant. Just a dreamboy

Chris, 18/May/2017

@staxus.....and not to forget to remember the staxus staff:-) : please, please produce more "cum in ass" videos ...the one we saw was extraordinary good!

Chris, 18/May/2017

The rimming in recent videos has been exceptional. I also love "cum in ass". It makes videos feel complete.

AliusUK, 18/May/2017

My, oh my, loved every second of these boys. So hot all the way. I also love the comming in the pucker and the leaking after that! Great guys!!

bently, 18/May/2017

I guess the best to be produced would be after cumming in ass and the leaking that the active guy who jerked off in ass would eat all the warm hot jizz, wouldn`t it? Extremely tasty for sure

Chris, 18/May/2017

Would be hot Chris! I feel both are gay, the scene is sooooo hot!

bently, 18/May/2017

Great video for sure, with all it takes. Both guys are so cute. Connor is smooth and charming, but looks a bit shy and the new Spanish friend is hot, despite a bit oversized tatoos to my likings...Does not matter. The final sloppy cummy kiss was great / so erotic. It obviously seems that good cum in ass + jizz eating in the end is an everyone's favorite ! More of it plse.

christian, 18/May/2017

I also dislike too many too big and too sometimes ugly tatooes,but when harmony and everything fits I will push it most times aside :-)

Chris, 18/May/2017

Great cute models and ending was hottest I've ever seen, agree with Christian comment, terrific job directing and models ending scene like that

Staxusfan, 19/May/2017

Cum eating is great but drooling on each other while kissing is not for me. :=) Anyway, I'm thankful to the models for their work!

Jerry, 19/May/2017

That final cum-sharing was epic!!! Love to see twinks topping, like Martin or Connor

david, 19/May/2017

@Chris I totally agree on that idea for creampies, just letting the cum ooze out onto the sheets is fine, but way hotter to see it end up in a guys mouth. We've seen a lot of cum kissing lately, so hot really adds another layer of eroticism to the end of a scene. Keep the cum kisses coming =)

biggerthebetter, 19/May/2017

Yes we wish to see many creampies. It would be really an explosion for many of us members for sure. Felching into the butt and then let the cum ooze slowly into the active fuckers mouth who places under the bottoms hole and gobbles every fine drop of hot boyjizz...

Chris, 19/May/2017 my comments before there could be a misunderstanding. (I am german and sometimes mistakes occur;-)...) My filming production for staxus was of course that the active fuckers skeets! into the bottoms ass and then let it leak. I wrote "jerking off" in ass which would be a little difficult lol:-) I guess this will we members often do when we watch premium material like this one...;-)

Chris, 19/May/2017

@Chris how about a threesome with the top blowing his load into the bottom and then the third guy catching the load in his mouth as it's dripping out of the bottom :D That would be the epitome of a kinky creampie ending.

biggerthebetter, 19/May/2017

@biggerthebetter I am openminded (is this the correct english word?don`t know..;-)) to any variations depending "cum in ass" and "cum in ass + eating cum":-) Of course a threesome is something special and very charming..hopefully staxus takes on with our proposals...

Chris, 19/May/2017

I love cummy kisses, with lots of cum. I'd love a gangbang, where a beautiful bottom gets a solid fucking by 2/3 guys and they all cum in his ass. They all then lick the cum and kiss.

AliusUK, 19/May/2017

It seems that almost all users are unique depending the "cum in ass". And AliusUK, yeah agangbang with all cumming in the passives asshole would be the best...

Chris, 20/May/2017

Mark...welcome ! It's so nice to see someone that loves to have sex. And we just have to look at you and we can see that you simly love it. I look at your eyes and they tell me you're a naughty bottom for sure. I think you'll give us even better than you have given us here. Welcome, Mark.

Vaclav, 20/May/2017

Great!, everybody is chatty now.

Jerry, 21/May/2017

It appears that many of your models wax their eye-brows, "eye-brow sculpting." It adds quite the effete look for the fashion-forward porn star. But it reminds me more of Drag performers. I think the boys look best when they avoid extreme style in personal grooming choices. Being an effete European porn star may make of them the fashionista, but it appears to me to cross the line between an effete European, and a girlish-boy. I'm not being mean, I just don't understand it.

Walter White, 24/June/2017

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