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Staxus Classic: Boys Of Summer - Scene 7 - Remastered in HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 7)


Thomas Dyk, Johan Volny

Added: 20/May/2017
Duration: 17 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


Having just presented the delights of Alex Stevens and Cameron Jackson in all their carnal glory, director Vlado Iresch signs off this summertime classic with the other half of the so-called Prague Set – namely Thomas Dyk and Johan Volny, whose initial antagonism in the scene’s opening moments dissipates quite nicely thanks to Volny’s natural charm and persona. Fact is, Volny’s clearly the kind of guy who could charm the birds out of the trees if and when the need should arise; and whilst Dyk is understandably indignant at the fact that the guy has trespassed, it’s not long before his fury is being nicely placated thanks to a shovel-load of flattery on Volny’s part.

Not that Dyk is averse to pouring praise on his new-found buddy in return once he sees what Volny has packed inside his clothes; and suffice it to say that it isn’t very long before the boy is down on his knees giving the handsome stud a much-needed tight-lipped blowout. It’s just the kind of move that a fellow like Volny always appreciated; and to prove it he is soon replicating the performance on Dyk’s beautiful weapon.

All the same, it’s pretty obvious – given that Volny was a natural-born top and Dyk could never resist getting his arse pounded like a bitch! – where this escapade is headed; and before long Dyk is splayed against a table taking every inch of dick like a common whore and demanding that Volny fuck him harder. All of which quickly results in both lads spraying copious quantities of boy-batter, most of which not surprisingly ends up leaving Dyk coated in jizz and looking as satisfied as fuck!