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When The Bells Ring, Sc.1: Horny Convert Donates A Thick, Hard Cock & A Mouthful Of Jizz! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 28/May/2017
Duration: 31 minutes, 3 seconds
Comments: 25


When you’re part of a religious cult, it goes without saying that proselytising is all part of a hard day’s work – spreading your message to everyone that you meet and explaining how their lives could be made so much better if only they embraced your way of thinking. Which in Mark Fontana’s instance here means stopping your bicycle in the park to spend a few minutes sharing the good news to a rather forlorn-looking Vitali Kutcher. To Fontana’s eternal credit, he sure as hell works wonders – before you know it Kutcher is following him home to learn more about the work of the Mormon church.

But it’s not very long before the religious aspect of this conversion has been sorely eclipsed by plain old lust, as the two fellows promptly fall into an embrace and begin to pull each other’s clothes off! At which point it’s the worship of the mighty phallus that very much takes centre stage; with both buddies enjoying a last supper of meaty, uncut dick, before Kutcher promptly begins to rim Fontana’s hungry little arsehole for all it’s worth.

By this point, of course, any hope of Fontana maintaining his holier-than-thou persona has long since been tossed aside; and it almost comes as a relief when he finally parts his legs to accommodate a carnal conversion to raw anal action. Cue the delirious sight of him interchanging between riding and deep-throating Kutcher’s violently erupting member; as he finally abandons his crisp white shirt (and his last vestige of saintly dignity), before jerking out a thick wad of creamy spunk out of his upturned shaft all over Kutcher’s tongue!

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So fucking hot! I just love both of these boys. They turn me on like no-one else. With all the ass licking and bareback fucking I was in another world! They are so beautifully young and sexy. I wanted to rim and fuck both of them. I could hardly watch the whole film before shooting a load. The sharing of cum at the end is just so horny! I love you Staxus as much as I love these young guys. Please give us more of both Mark and Vitali. Two super special models who are super sexy. 50 stars!

Ryan, 28/May/2017

Nothing to complain about. Superhot and young models who are into their "job"...I agree with Ryan above this cumsharing from mouth to mouth is incrediable hot and so tasty for sure. Really hard to watch the film till this end without an explosion before.

Chris, 28/May/2017

I LOVE when the top pulls out & takes the bottom's load like Vitali did to Mark!

mwhisky, 28/May/2017 can`t download the pics :-( PS: To add to my first comment it drives me crazy when such cute guys are wearing jockstraps. I own myself 3 parts of you can enter the asshole with your tongue much quicker:-)

Chris, 28/May/2017

There is something special about these two Boys. Like others I could not control myself until the end :-) They are very passionate Boys that love what they do & it shows.I do hope we shall see much more of them. ***** xxxxx

pugs, 28/May/2017

Cute couple, loved the rimming.....!

bently, 28/May/2017

Wonderful boys, how nice they give each other together. Just a great deal of damage to video processing itself. This whole video is very boring, long shots only from a narrow angle of view, missing more detailed penis shots from different angles. In the last 30 minutes I did not make a single shot at the background of both boys! Unfortunately, similar criticisms will be written almost to all Staxus videos except for Staxus Classic!

renda567, 29/May/2017

When will we see Vitali give his whole load right in Mark's hole ? or take it from some other guy ?....

christian, 31/May/2017

Another great scene with hot kissing and great ending, I think Mark is a star.

Staxusfan, 31/May/2017

I do appreciate the mormon theme, and the guys are great. But I feel a bit like we've seen this all before (well aside from the mormon theme). These last months there has been so many really great scenes on Staxus, but this one is perhaps not the most fun and creative.

biggerthebetter, 31/May/2017

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