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Big Is Better, Sc.4: Big Is Fucking Better – Be It Raw Cock Or A Big Monster Dildo! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 08/June/2017
Duration: 20 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


With his darker-toned skin and Arabesque features, new boy Mike Fontana is almost sure to be a hit with those with a more exotic taste in boys; and sure enough Vitali Kutcher can’t resist hitting on the lad when he enters the changing room of the local baths and discovers him mopping the floor. To be fair, no-one could ever claim that Kutcher used clichéd techniques – after all, presenting a fellow with a choice between a fifty euro note and a monster-sized dildo is not exactly your typical chat-up line! But suffice it to say that the guy is very much true to form when it comes to reaching inside Fontana’s shorts, grabbing hold of his cock and promptly gobbling away on the fellow’s dusky uncut shaft! Not that the newbie throws any complaints for such unoriginality.

In fact, the lad is soon replicating the move on Kutcher’s well-used ramrod; before getting down on a nearby lounger so that Kutcher can suck on his balls and rim that nicely shaved pucker between his butt-cheeks. All this, of course, is but a prelude to what can only be described as an invasion extraordinaire, as Kutcher yields the mother of all dildos and thrusts it into the boy’s guts with almost unforgiving vigour.

To the amazement of surely the whole film-crew – not to mention you, the public – the fellow takes the beast like a veritable pro. So much so, in fact, that the fuck that follows almost seems tame in comparison. Never fear, however, these lads produce a desperately hot, sweaty fornicating fiesta, that culminates in two of the most violent eruptions you could wish for. Topped off with a gooey smooch!

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Love the Boys & the Venue - but not the dildo 4 stars**** & 5 kisses xxxxx

pugs, 08/June/2017

Lovely boys, horrible dildo and bad camerawork! That's all there is to say.

bently, 08/June/2017

Really liked this one. I really enjoy the dildo, always fun to see guys explore and push their sexual (and anal abilities) Please let Lucas try that dildo in the future, he's been dp'ed and fisted before so he has all the right experience for the challenge to take on an XXL toy =)

biggerthebetter, 08/June/2017

I like Kutcher so much but this action - mhh I missed something special dont know exactly why..maybe new guy Mike Fontana is not my type of guy I prefer :(

Chris, 08/June/2017

The models are 2 handsome guys. I love when Vitali plays with Mike's balls. May be a smaller dildo would have been better and would have let Mike enjoy more the Vitali treatment

Jerry, 08/June/2017

Nice hot cute guys. Vitali as sexy as ever and the newbie is promising. The dildo is pretty ugly and frightening.

christian, 09/June/2017

These beautiful boys give a great performance. Vitali is a great top and a great bottom. He performs so well again, showing his taste for lovely assholes. New Boy Mike is great also. It's such a shame that the quality of lighting is not quite up to standard. I give it 5 stars because the boys are great. But I would like better photography. Vitali is such a sexy beast and I would like to see more shots showing his beautiful hole.

Ryan, 09/June/2017

I agree with @Ryan, the lighting is not as good as it used to be in other scenes to have a good phoytography. Also, more varied sex positions could have give a better scene.

Jerry, 09/June/2017

Not bad. He never ever fully took the dildo though so that part was just boring!

I love hole, 11/June/2017

Not so sure about the dildo but the pre-dildo prep work is nice - massaging of the asshole and some sensual fingering was super horny! Horny too to see Mike having his cock played with as he is also having his ass worked. Couple of cuties!

Randy boy, 13/July/2017

Loved Mile's sweet hole and Vitali rimmed and fucked it just great!

Hot Rimmer, 03/January/2018

Love Love Love watching a cute guy take a massive dildo

mj, 02/April/2018

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