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Face To Face, Sc.4: Twink Puts A Mobile To Handy Use Before Banging His Bud’s Ass! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 75)
Added: 15/June/2017
Duration: 29 minutes, 41 seconds
Comments: 25


We all know how fucking annoying it can be when you’re right in the middle of something important and your phone rings, so spare a thought for Lucas Drake and Angel Lopez in this kinky little bedroom adventure. After all, they’re busy getting up to all sorts of filthy antics together when one of their mobiles sounds; although given the obvious pleasure that both of them are experiencing at the time it’s perhaps not exactly too much of a surprise that they try desperately to ignore it. Unfortunately, the caller – identified only as “Boy” – is clearly a very persistent fellow, and doesn’t give a flying fuck that Drake is deep-throating and rimming his hyper-sexy buddy.

Nor, for that matter, does the fellow care that he threatens to upset our enjoyment of these two beautiful boys in full rut. But for every problem, of course, there’s always an answer – and it doesn’t always necessarily have to be the most obvious solution. So when the phone rings for a second time, Drake decides to put the vibrations to good use – thrusting it into Lopez’s greedy little arsehole and using it as a twisted little sex-toy.

Whether Samsung would ever recommend such a use for their equipment will most likely forever remain a mystery. What we can say, however, is that this imaginative exploration of Lopez’s pucker quickly results in the lad getting the full-on, no-holds-barred fucking that he deserves; pummelled in a whole series of depraved positions and squirting like a geyser in the process. All of which is arguably only eclipsed by the lad getting his face whitewashed by Drake’s eruption at the end!

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Wow!! Fantastic Face to face, more!!

Mario, 15/June/2017

Super hot boys from start till finish! Great chemistry, hot filming....! This is Staxus! Thanks all. 5*****+

bently, 15/June/2017

The 2 best current hottest and horniest guys from the Staxus stable at the climax of their erotic performance. Lucas shows he can perform well in active role and Andy has always a cutest ass...Good chemistry between both guys and Great horny cumshow.

christian, 15/June/2017

Cell phone in asshole ... does it still work after it or een taste smelly like paradise:-9) a very horny id..would like to taste the phone after it stuck in Angels warm hole...

Chris, 15/June/2017

I just can't watch it. I won't ruin the score, I'm sure it's great, but I can only watch Drake as a bottom. Can you please do some more of him bottoming for someone huge? Have him ask to be fucked. Have him crave that cock. Try to get him to cum hands-free… He's the best of the best!

boyslut, 15/June/2017

I love love both of the guys, great performers. Lucas showed a lot of topping skills but I will always think of him as a bottom and prefer to see him in that role (he does that so well) cool to see Angel back. The phone was a lot fun, a true booty call (lol bad joke)

biggerthebetter, 15/June/2017

I have to agree, to see Lucas bottoming is much more his preference. Unusual to see him in the active role...

Chris, 15/June/2017

I loved seeing Lucas bottoming As we know, versatile guys have more fun and switching Lucas role add spice in this new scene. The end of the video is a delight with a lot of hot cum! I rated five dicks ***** Only one thing: I didn't understood what said the guy who called on phone.

Jerry, 15/June/2017

Sorry for the misspelling: I was too horny :=)

Jerry, 15/June/2017

Super beautiful Boys & a delicious CUM ending.*****Thank you Staxus xxxxx

pugs, 16/June/2017

Lots to agree with in most of the above comments. But I love these two very much, and although the plot is rather weak, it was still a great performance from the sex point of view. I just wish I could have been involved! Still I give 5 stars. Thank You Staxus!

Ryan, 16/June/2017

I had to be very disturbished (in a good way) by this scene bc I wanted to say: I enjoyed seeing Lucas TOPPING... Btw, a must-see video !

Jerry, 16/June/2017

Angel sure is pretty and Lucas services him with both a phone and his cock. Sexy!

Glen, 18/June/2017

Absolutely gorgeous hunks and I especially enjoyed the prolonged cum swapping at the end. AWESOME!

hornytony, 18/June/2017

sweet and noble Youth, increasingly gay in the World. (finally, in Italy is compulsory the Teaching of gay Love in elementary Schools in high Schools).

Paolo Monaco, 20/June/2017

Other things: the two Angels ejaculate as God. Holy heir superb Kisses with gay Lust after Ejaculations, with the Boys eating the precious Sperm of each other. Above all, beautiful Pentacles on Angel's right Leg, a sacred Symbol of gay Spirituality.

Paolo Monaco, 20/June/2017

Spirituality is better.

PMon, 21/June/2017

Angel is a living doll and Lucas can bring back his curls please.This was awesome, I came half way through and again when Lucas came in Angel's moth, This was really HOTT.

dr, 26/June/2017

Ultra Hot! This video is a must! Lucas & Angel are amongs the hottest and horniest Staxus' guys. Gorgeous twinks, as usual. Cell phone scene was unique and great! Face to face licking and eating final scene, superb! Thanks a lot Staxus!...But really I can't thank you enough for giving us such twinks and videos

Marco, 29/August/2017

I've been waiting for a holiday to enjoy this scene. Exceeded all my hopes. Flawless, beautiful boys. Ethereal morning light. Lovely guitar music from far away. Superb, wet rimming. Angel's gaping hole. Lucas spreading his own ass as he fucked Angel cowboy. The segment was amazing. Flip phone: unusual detail (and a nice use for those old phones, I suppose). Amazing ATM. Cummy kissing at end. Lucas breaking a sweat. This is high porn and high art. I wish Lucas had offered his own asshole for Angel to lick from time to time, but this scene is overflowing with beauty and erotic appeal.

Ty Huber, 19/February/2018

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