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Raw Builders, Sc.1: Peeping Mike Gets His Arse Pounded By A Horny Mega-Hung Pal! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 51)
Added: 22/June/2017
Duration: 20 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


After a hard morning’s work, David Sky is ready for a break – but being the kind of guy that he is, it doesn’t take many moments before his mind is wandering to thoughts of how he can pleasure that thick, uncut cock of his. Glancing around him to ensure that no-one can see, he promptly pulls the aching shaft out of his overalls and begins to tug on the meaty rod for all he’s worth. What he doesn’t realise, however, is that there’s a Peeping Tom on the prowl in the shape of the ever-horny Mike Cole; who promptly saunters into eye-shot under the pretence of shovelling sand under the midday sun.

It’s a bold move for a skinny twink, that’s for sure; but nowhere near as adventurous as what follows next, when he bundles himself up into Sky’s seat and reveals to his workmate that he’s seen the guy – once again a picture of innocence – having a wank. It’s at this point, of course, that Cole runs the risk of getting the beating of his life for insolence. What occurs instead, however, is everything you’d expect from a top-notch porn flick, as Cole goes down on his buddy and gives Sky’s deliciously oversized shaft a much-needed blow-out.

Again, it’s a daring move – and one that gets its very just reward, as Sky bundles his mate against the side of the excavator and first rims and then pounds the young lad’s arse. What’s more, what ensues is a truly imaginative display of red raw fornication; with Cole fucked in a whole series of positions (even on top of the digger itself), which ultimately sets him jizzing into the dirt! All nicely rounded off by Sky furiously spunking all over his pal’s face!

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Looks really hot, please add the 1080p download option for this scene.

Drew, 22/June/2017

I love David Sky and Mike Cole but this video didn't make me horny one second. I liked the idea of 2 co-workers fucking outdoor, but a comfy space would have been useful to let them demonstrate some sensuality, desire to each other and show some pleasure having sex together. David and Mike accomplished a sport achievement with some sexual positions but I'm sad that this scene doesn't reflect the efforts they did and gives the viewers a boring video.

Jerry, 22/June/2017

Really cool setting and nice models. But this felt a bit robotic at times

biggerthebetter, 22/June/2017

Beautifull scenery and impressive machinery! To be honest one cute, hot boy named Mike Cole. He's totally wrong paired with David Sky. Don't like the ink arm and David has got a belly, which I don't like for a "twink". All was mechanicly and done with poor camera handling too! No Staxus standard again in a short time. Pity!! Was not horny for a second, sorry to say.

bently, 22/June/2017

I miss the unforgettable scenes Staxus did with: Jaro Stone Ray Mannix Tony Conrad Noah Matous Ruben Bart Michey Rush Chris Jansen Milan Sharp and other handsome twinks ...

David, 23/June/2017

Usually every scene has a climax - and this update's climax was the incredible cumshot of David. I would rate this scene 5 stars, just because of that cumshot. Absolutely amazing!

Alex, 23/June/2017

Thank you! Finally after a long time I have seen guys in their full glory and not jnom front! Just such camera shots! My rating is five stars.

renda567, 24/June/2017

Poor filming. David Sky used to be the horniest model available but is now spoiling his body with all these ungainly tattoos. Video's saving grace was the terrific facial cumshot and post orgasmic cock sucking at the end - and the well maintained erections throughout, especially Mike's as he is being fully serviced from behind.

Marco, 24/June/2017

Totally agree about comments on David's tatts. Still such a beautiful smooth cock and balls... and nice thick goo at the end!

Coco, 24/June/2017

2 young studs hot & sweaty after a hard day's work having hot sex! VERY. HOT. SCENE!!

mwhisky , 25/June/2017

Simply love the final ejaculation!! Phew! Had a few here over that!!!

Randy boy, 11/July/2017

Terrific splooge of splodge into Mike's mouth at the end. Made up for other not so good aspects of this film. Shame about the arm tattoos - better before.

Ryan, 20/July/2017

I love David Sky's Tattoos. They look amazing, Great scene.

travis, 25/July/2017

No, David has "destroyed" his body with too many and ugly tatooes. In the begiinning of his porn career his body looked much much more attractive...:-( Nevertheless David Sky`s face and his behavior convinces me!

Chris, 10/August/2017

Yep, David was better before - but still has a beautiful cock and knows how to fill a guy's mouth.

Ryan, 15/August/2017

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