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Raw Cuddles, Sc.2: Big-Hearted, Big-Dicked Lovers Enjoy A Flip-Flopping Fuck-Fest! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 25/June/2017
Duration: 26 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


When you’re young and in love the whole wide world seems a blissful place, and there really is no greater pleasure than to stroll hand-in-hand by the river or to kiss and exchange woodland flowers – as Lucas Drake and Titus Snow are only too willing to demonstrate in the opening moments of this romantic encounter. Indeed, such is the intensity of their good mood that they don’t even so much as bat an eyelid when a pillow splits during a playful bedroom fight, sending a cascade of feathers in every direction.

Under normal circumstances, all manner of curses and bad language would result. Here, however, the lads nonchalantly start scooping up the mess, which in turn quickly results in them falling into a lusty embrace – at which point (not surprisingly) their handsome, meaty cocks quickly become the focus of the action. What’s more, it’s from here that a more observant viewer will begin to realise just what a partnership of equals this pair of horned-up beauties represents. Snow slobbers eagerly on Drake’s dick; Drake returns the favour. Snow rims his boyfriend’s hairless arse; Drake replicates the greedy performance. Snow gets his arse pummelled furiously; Drake eagerly enjoys his turn as the bottom.

It’s as if these two lads really are truly in perfect tune with one another – as, of course, true lovers should be. Only in the final few minutes does any differential show; with Drake spurting out a heavy wad of boy-batter over his own belly mid-fuck, before allowing Snow the perfect honour of creaming over his outstretched tongue for a gooey and very satisfying finale!

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dynamite. But I'm still not into the scenario of Lucas topping, Titus works best as a bottom too. I wanna see those hot guys in the same scene again, but next time let some really hung top like Adam or Bjorn take care of deep drilling their holes =D

biggerthebetter, 25/June/2017

The feathers & the tattoos spoiled this excellent romantic scene for me. I love the details that Staxus think of to make the surrounds of their gorgeous Boys so perfect. But feathers NO: PS : Would you please get your photo's to work !

pugs, 25/June/2017

Great video with plenty of sex. Two fantastic models. I love them both. Wonderful to see them rim each other with such enthusiasm. The flip flop fucking is just fantastic. I loved to see Lucas showing his beauty hole whilst fucking Titus. This is a real bonus for me. I would have loved to rim that hole whilst Lucas fucks Titus, or rim Titus whilst he fucks Lucas. Mmmmm!

Ryan, 25/June/2017

I appreciate a flip flop in a scene and Lucas and Titus did a good performance, thank's ! A lot of young guys have tattoos nowaday and I like them when they are well done. The only thing I regret: a better lighting would have give a better photography...

Jerry, 25/June/2017

Well guys, the intro with the feathers was a bit campy, but for the rest you both were hot as a pistol! WOW! Just enjoyed myself! Thanks all! %*****+

bently, 26/June/2017

Meant 5*****+

bently, 26/June/2017

These boys are totally gay themselves for sure. I enjoyed it!

Chris, 26/June/2017

I dislike the hye of "body destroying" caused by ugly and too many tatooes! Please boys keep your body natural for me tatooes, especially if too many and big are a no go, but I won`t and can`t hinder you from going to the tatooe shop...unfortunately :-) If absolutely necessary then leave it with beeing pierced restrained... :-(

Chris, 10/August/2017

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