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Raw Builders, Sc.3: Brick-Laying Buddies Flip-Flop To A Raw & Creamy Explosion! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 20/July/2017
Duration: 23 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not one hundred percent sure that Titus Snow is going to win any prizes for his bricklaying efforts – some of the bricks aren’t quite as aligned as they possibly should be – but chances are there’s not going to be too many viewers of this splendid open-air extravaganza that are set to care that much. After all, you’re more likely to be blown away by the introductory panoramic drone-view – not to mention, of course, the sexual antics that ensue once the ever-horny Mike Cole makes a show.

By this point it turns out that Snow’s overdue for a work-break; and what better way to relax than getting your mate’s cock out and giving the handsome member a vigorous working with your mouth? Certainly Cole doesn’t seem to hold out any objections, that’s for fucking sure; replicating the attention himself soon afterwards on Snow’s closely shaved dick. What both boys secretly want by this point, however, is those same juicy shafts poking away in their bare innards – an ambition that quickly becomes a reality.

First Cole gets bundled over some of the scaffolding so that Snow can energetically thrust into his arse; then roles promptly get reversed, as the blond boy jumps up onto his work-mate’s lap and rides Cole’s dick like the bitch we’ve long since realised he is! Indeed, Snow clearly can’t get enough of that delicious ramrod in his arse; subsequently taking it missionary-style, whilst wanking out a terrific wad of creamy boy-batter over his own belly. The cue for Cole to produce what seems like an even more ferocious cascade of goo over Snow’s tattooed chest!

Member comments: add comment

Don't like the setting, the scene and the filming. For me disapointing. Pity of two cute, hot boys in this scene.

bently, 20/July/2017

Some of the nasty comments for actually good scenes are extremely unfair and it's getting very annoying. These scenes are good with great models and just because one doesn't like the setting you make it seem like the scene is bad when it isn't. Grow up!

MB, 20/July/2017

The setting for this film is different from usual. But these two fantastic boys perform great. It was a change to see Mike performing the role of a top as well as bottom, though he has been superb as a bottom in previous videos. Titus is just so sexy in whatever he does. I loved seeing him getting fucked. But thee only little thing was it would have been even better for me with a little rimming. But this still deserves 5 stars from me. I just love seeing both boys in action. Great!

Ryan, 20/July/2017

Everybody is entitled to a opinion. I said I did't like this scene. Not that is was bad. A huge difference.

bently, 20/July/2017

Loved this scene. Absolutely flawless with Staxus hotties Mike Cole and Titus Snow. Great imagination and thought went into this and alot of risk taking which is why I give it 5/5

Robbie Hill, 20/July/2017

bently, The bottom line is if you don't like it, then go make your own porn. Just sick of these hard working models being put down by trolls.

MB, 20/July/2017

Der Film beginnt ja recht Interessant und fand dies sehr ansprechend.. ABER ..... dieser Übergang/schnitt 10.43 Minute, der Stellungswechselübergang in der ca 14.31 Minute und das abgewixe wieder am Schluss .... Der Film wurde diesmal durch diese Grauenhafte Szenen mir mal wieder richtig versaut ... Man will doch sehen wie der Schwanz eingeführt wird..und nicht durch Schnitte wie er schon drin steckt... Meine komplette Meinung habe ich im deutschen Blog niedergeschrieben... Gebe den Film 1 stern

dieter, 20/July/2017

De Angelsaksische taal heeft een mooie uitdrukking: I'll rest my case. Over en uit.

bently, 20/July/2017

Instead of some members always moaning about peanuts or minutes or even seconds they dont cater their taste we all should dedicate the producers and the actors who do their best in front of the camera.!!!

Chris, 21/July/2017

With Titus, it's great!

Seby, 30/July/2017

I love Mike Cole and thought it was funny he was wearing a Buff neck scarf because I wear their UV line in the Summer and their wool line in the Winter. I want to find the design he was wearing to add to my collection!

GaryHerbert, 01/August/2017

Liked it, unsual spot but makes it interesting! Builders after bulding work become horny and can`t stop it!

Chris, 10/August/2017

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