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Too Big To Fail, Sc.2: Docking Buddy Cums Face-To-Face With A Meaty, Uncut Monster! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 57)
Added: 30/July/2017
Duration: 23 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


Anyone with anything of a foreskin fetish is gonna be seriously in tune with the opening minutes of this monster dick inspired duo, given that Adam Webb really does seem to have massively blessed in the prepuce stakes. Indeed, his buddy, Casey Flip, can’t really get over how much skin he has – although given what we already know of Webb’s oversized dimensions, the fact that he’s got such a generous fold of foreskin shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise. After all, big cock-heads must come in big packages – and let’s be honest they don’t really come much bigger than this! A fact that Flip is clearly only too willing to make the very most of; as he finally starts to slurp on Webb’s generous length, gobbling away and drooling as he does so.

In comparison, it has to be said that Flip’s own dick is something of a disappointment – although lined up against a super cock like Webb’s that was always destined to be the case. What’s more, the differential is only made all the more obvious when the two guys begin to dock their knobs – Webb rolling out his skin to quite literally consume his mate’s shaft in the process. What Flip lacks in length and girth, however, he more than makes up for in gusto; not least of all when Webb proceeds to first finger and rim the lad’s arse, before fucking it with a dildo and then his monster dick.

By this point, of course, the floppy-haired blond is literally biting his lip in a heady mix of pain and pleasure; culminating in him pumping out a quite unbelievable multi-shot of jizz, before Webb wraps things up by dumping over the boy’s face!

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Loved it, best foreskin action and docking I've seen for a long time, hopefully we'll see more foreskin action in the future, well done to all concerned.

memesteve, 30/July/2017

Well done, Staxus! You have found another beautiful young bottom boy, "Casey Flip". He is slender, young, boyish, and very pretty: i.e., an ideal bottom boy. I hope that we will see a lot more of Casey Flip, getting fucked, bred, and fed large loads of cum from large, muscular,big dicked top men, including black top men with huge black cocks. I hope Staxus will find more beautiful bottom boys like Casey Flip, and make lots of videos with them. According to my tastes, Casey Flip would be even more attractive if you will allow his natural body hair to grow out naturally. Natural, un-shaved hair on the legs, in the armpits, and natural pubic hair is very sexy, indicating that the bottom boy is a young man, not a girl. But overall, Staxus has done very well with this new video. Congratulations for a job well done.

Professormarvel, 30/July/2017

Two great new models. Casey is a perfect bottom boy, taking Adam's fat cock and enjoying it. Adam is an accomplished hot lover. He rims and plays with Casey's pretty little hole and it really turns me on. Casey obviously loves it too. The bare fucking is just great, with two perfect cum shots at the end. This is a superb video. As for the body hair, I actually like boys both with lots of body hair or shaved or naturally with little hair. Though I do love to see the sweet assholes clearly. It makes me so hot and horny! Guess I'm just horny for all sexy boys! Staxus boys are always so terrific. New ones and ones we already know are all so very acceptable. Just keep them coming!

Ryan, 30/July/2017

New boy seemed rather nervous as he was preparing to be fucked. Needs to be paired with a suitable twink (Ray Mannix etc.)

Coco, 30/July/2017

A cute bottom and a good top!

Nicos, 30/July/2017

New guy Casey Filip worked very well as a passive guy, but the other guy is not my type of man. Not really georgeous and I hate too long foreskin, but this is just my mind....Preferences differ from person to person...

Chris, 30/July/2017

Best docking scene ever!! HOT!!

BK, 31/July/2017

New slim and tender Casey is cute and knows how to move his little ass for his partner s pleasure. Adams takes it all and gives him a decent shaking. The size contrast between the two is impressing. Good vidéo, and I hope we ' ll see more of them soon.

Christbdx, 01/August/2017


larry, 01/August/2017

Casey is hot! More of him, PLEASE????

Mwhisky , 06/August/2017

Adam Webb is quite unattractive, sorry... :-(

Chris, 28/August/2017

Casey, nice looking, good upper body, but too hairy, should shave his pubic and upper legs.

Chrislover, 17/September/2017

Casey is certainly a beautiful boy! Needs to be paired with someone like David Sky and would be better with shaved pubes and an earring or two.

Jhonny, 18/September/2017

sweet Casey, so cute. Your delicious and painful Screams of gay Lust during the Sodomy are pure Poetry. And gorgeous your noble Ejaculation, with at least 10 powerful Sprouts of precious Sperm.

PaoloMonaco, 21/September/2017

of course, were just momentary impressions. After the orgasm, there is little left.

PaoloMonaco, 21/September/2017

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