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Camping About, Sc.1: Camping Buddy Gets An Arse-Busting, Face-Splurging Welcome! HD

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Added: 14/September/2017
Duration: 20 minutes, 35 seconds
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In terms of friendly welcomes, this surely has to be one of the best! For having made his way through the countryside on-foot, young Chester Owen is greeted at Rudy Stone’s tent with the kind of smooch that would tell anyone that their presence is appreciated almost without measure. Indeed, these horny lovers waste absolutely no time at all in getting down to the show-stopping side of the business. No time-wasting preambles for them, they’re down on the floor before you know it – with Stone’s shorts around his ankles and Owen furiously feasting on every hard inch that he’s discovered inside them! What’s more, Stone is just as intent on displaying his affection, soon replicating the attention on his mate’s thick, meaty ramrod; before gently fingering and rimming Owen’s hairless fuck-hole in anticipation of the open-air ass-banging that we all know is now but a few moments away.

For Stone wastes no time in filling that gaping pucker with his pulsing ramrod; and before you know it his pal is literally forced down onto the floor taking every inch like a common bitch. What ensues is what can only be described as a nad-splitting escapade of the highest order, with Stone taking his bud’s boy-pussy on a high-octane workout; culminating in Owen riding the aching, uncut shaft reverse cowboy-style. No fucking wonder that the lad is very quickly at the point where he can hold back no longer, dumping his wad across the floor; whilst Stone marks the rendezvous by jerking out an almost obscene amount of spunk all over Owen’s sweet face for a tip-top, jizz-smooching finale!

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cute bottom

martinfan, 14/September/2017

Wow! A real winner with this one! These boys are just fucking great! Another new star joins Staxus. He delivers in such fantastic style. His great looks and body. His charm, and above all his sexy performance. Fantastic as a bottom, he accepts all that Rudy offers. And we know just what Rudy offers! A fantastic rimming, sucking and fucking ability with a wonderful cock. And able to produce a good cum load at the end. Yummy boys both of them! A really great setting also. Not just 5 stars but more like 10 stars by my reckoning!

Ryan, 14/September/2017

Gorgeous guys... stunning performance!

Porcupine, 14/September/2017

An attractive newcomer who proves himself very receptive to ferocious anal penetration. A superb display of copious ejaculate midway through the buggery and then a very appreciative session post coitus, with prolonged post orgasmic fellatio.

Mateusz, 14/September/2017

I love Rudy! He has been amazing in all of his videos.

SXFan, 14/September/2017

Rudy a very feminine acting guy but so sweet! mhh, I loved this scene, almost perfection!

Chris, 14/September/2017

New boy a little hesistant at times but certainly loved sitting on Rudy's cock to have his ass well and truly pounded at top speed! Nice cum shots 2.

Twinky, 14/September/2017

I love all Staxus Camping Scenes & this one is so superb I also give 10 stars . Two very beautiful Boys in to each other is awesome.

pugs , 14/September/2017

Very nice scene. Rudy's smile while rimming Chester and his big, meaty dick were highlights for me. The guys seemed into each other and the action flowed smoothly. Well done!

GaryHerbert, 16/September/2017

Pure Nobility !! Chester is a true little Prince during elegant riding Sex, with his gorgeous Virility as God's Power. Virility that releases her precious Sperm as God's Triumph. Wonderful also the powerful Cumshot of Rudy, but true Poetry is the noble Blowjob of Chester after Rudy's Orgasm.

PaoloMonaco, 08/October/2017

gorgeous is the Sexualitation of the Youth in the World, but especially the increasing Homosexualitation of the Boys, already during Elementary and High School.

Paolo Monaco, 08/October/2017

however, the future is the spiritualization of bodies.

PaoloMonaco, 10/October/2017

paolo monaco - as usual- youre right

boyfucker, 05/January/2018

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