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Camping About, Sc.2: Dreamy Campers Head Indoors For A Spunk-Soaked Foursome! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 21/September/2017
Duration: 29 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


Four of the horniest, spunkiest Czech sluts on the circuit definitely make this a scene to remember; but if you’re expecting a foursome right from the off then prepare to be somewhat disappointed. If anything, however, the rather clever use of reality and fantasy that underpins this escapade makes the final offering all the more intense; and we doubt there’ll be a dry cock in sight by the time our horny bevy of fans have witnessed the spunky delight that serves at the scene’s finale. But first it’s the sweet, unmitigated pleasure of Rhys Kogan and Casey Flip making out together in the great outdoors – both boys 69-ing each other with characteristic STAXUS-style gusto, prior to Kogan rimming his young buddy’s ass.

All this, of course, would be more than enough material to feature in an everyday duo; but director John Smith has an ace up his sleeve with the introduction of Andy Scott and Vitali Kutcher, who are watching the antics of the two lovers through a nearby window. At which point the thin line between what is real and not real is fully exposed as the duo becomes a trio, becomes a full-on foursome! It goes without saying, naturally, that by this stage in proceedings there’s every good chance you won’t give a flying fuck what flight of fancy this vignette represents; as Scott surrenders his ass-hole in a steady succession of positions, before throwing himself down on the floor so that all three of his pals can splatter the contents of their sacs all over his face! It’s filthy, it’s hedonistic – but we guarantee it’s the kind of luscious obscenity you will absolutely adore!

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I think that it's Vitali and Casey who make out together in the beginning, with Vitali sweet rimming Casey's tasty hole. This is especially beautiful, as they are both extremely sexy. It would even have added something to see Vitali also being rimmed. One of my very favourite models. However, there's enough great stuff in this video to get my 5 star rating. Great fucking action!

Ryan, 21/September/2017

Einen 4 er sieht man auch nicht alle Tage. Fand besonders geil anzusehen wie ab 14:10 Andys dicke Eier hin und herbaumeln. Was für ein geiler, fetter gefüllter Sack. Da möchte man am liebsten auf die Knie gehen und die Klöten tief in seinen Mund saugen... Am Ende lässt sich Andy von seinen 3 Kollegen ins Gesicht spritzen - Echt gayl :-)

Chris, 21/September/2017

Andys dangling balls were so worthy watching. Totally filled with creamy juice for sure. He is the perfect "bottom machine".... For me there is an interesting consideration I`d like to know. For how long are the boys who are acting in a clip recommended to stay abstinent for they can jerk off a big load of cum at the end? 1 day, several days or just hours before? It must be really hard for many of them for sure as their partners are so attractive and also willing...isn`t it?

Chris, 21/September/2017

i hate foursomes.confusing video

larry, 21/September/2017

Too clever by half, but great cum shots at the end.

Marcius, 23/September/2017

I wish that the scene wasn't split up, all 4 should have had sex through out the scene.

biggerthebetter, 23/September/2017

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