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Charlie Foxtrot, Sc.2: Battlefield Buddies Enjoy A Hard Raw Fuck & Hot Sticky Facials! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 63)
Added: 12/November/2017
Duration: 19 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


Being in total sync with your comrade-in-arms is an essential quality for any young soldier – after all, your life may actually depend on it out in the battlefield one day. But for these recruits, such intimacy gets pushed to the very limits; for having undertaken outdoor manoeuvres together and then worked out side-by-side in the gym, new boys Sivan Ozzi and Robin Rhea decide to get to know each other even better by exchanging a clearly much-desired smooch. Whether this is standard procedure in the Czech army is anyone’s guess, of course; but suffice it to report that it quickly leads to both horned-up buddies tossing their standard-issue uniforms to one side, before the curly-haired Rhea nestles down to giving his comrade’s straining stiffy an open-mouthed salute.

It’s an act of sweet affection from one soldier to another that quickly raises the temperature in the room to nigh-on scorching; with Ozzi promptly returning the favour with similar gusto, before switching his attention to his mate’s hairless arse. At which point, of course, any experienced viewer will understand that Rhea’s fresh little fuck-hole is about to enjoy the kind of full-on invasion that any well-horned bottom lives for! And so it proves, with Ozzi thrusting every inch of his delicious butt-picker balls-deep into his buddy’s guts, signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that will almost certainly have you jerking for all you’re worth. In short, Rhea’s rump gets pounded big style; with the soldiers’ doorway facials that sign off this brilliant escapade serving as a fitting – and undeniably gooey tribute!

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A good standard suck rim fuck scene with 2 good and nice newbies.

Christbdx, 12/November/2017

Two new boys both a complete turn on. Great cocks and Robin's sexy pucker so inviting. Just begging to be rimmed, fingered and fucked. The final cum shots are mouth watering. Thank You both boys and Staxus. More of both these boys please!

Ryan, 12/November/2017

All I can say is MORE SIVAN please!!

Marko, 12/November/2017

Dieser Film ist so passt einfach alles. Beide Boys sind sowas von süß mit ihren Hundeblicken. Besonderns Silvan ist total mein Typ. Das ist Staxusmaterial vom Allerfeinsten. Eine glatte 1

Chris, 12/November/2017

Beautiful Boys, I adore them :-)xxxxx

pugs, 13/November/2017

Beautiful models in perfect shape. Robin in particular maintains a beautiful erection. Some classic enthusiastic fellatio and good views of Robin's rectum being entered digitally and lingamly. Good masturbation scenes at the end and a beautiful glob of sperm on Robin's chin at the end before the post orgasmic clean up. Keep up the good work boys!

Mateuzs, 13/November/2017

Just perfection. Total harmony between both newcomers. Sivan and Robin indeed keep hard erections for the whole time. I loved the fucking when Sivan big pucker slides into Robin warm butt. I like when boys after cumming let their cum lick from the other one. So nice!

Chris, 13/November/2017

Nicht schlecht, aber wenn die beiden Jungs rasiert wären, wäre es perfekt.

Thomas2712, 14/November/2017

Both of the guys are hot. As much as I love Staxus sadly I must say that the scenes have been very vanilla since september, please step up the creativity and go for some more rough scenes. Seeing two sexy guys having sex together is something that we've seen hundreds of time, nothing new and out of the ordinary.

biggerthebetter, 15/November/2017

sivan is nice

anon, 15/November/2017

I personally never tire of seeing beautiful young guys having sex.

Marcius, 15/November/2017

Just watched these Boys again. They are very passionate & I think they are the best couple together. They are a super pair & I want to see much more of them please Staxus. In my favourites

pugs, 23/November/2017

Gorgeous the Cock of Sivan: so powerful, knotty. But then, what's more beautiful than Males who ejaculate in front of the World?

Paolo, 11/January/2018

but then I tried somehow: it's just an Illusion, a Mirage

Paolo, 11/January/2018

I'm with those that never tire of watching beautiful boys having affectionate, loving boysex. I don't like the kinky shit, it's lame and comical. Kinky is passe, banal and boring. Abusiveness has no place in sex to me, it's a total turn off.

Tim, 13/February/2018

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