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Adrian Bennet

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Model Stats:

Sometimes a model really seems to click with a director or photographer, which is exactly what happened when this horny young fucker first met John Smith – and in truth it has nothing to do with sex! Fact is, both fellows share a love of wildlife, and arguably spent as much time talking about natural history than they did about the job at hand. That said, this blond haired beauty still clearly loves sex with the right guy; though his relationship with our illustrious director will definitely remain bromance rather than romance!

Interesting Fact:
Adrian is known to his friends as "Pingu“ by pretty much everyone who knows him. That’s because he’s has a fascination with penguins from the earliest age. Not content with seeing them in the local zoo, this young fellow’s biggest ambition is to visit Antartica to see them in their natural habitat.

Date of birth:
24th January, 1998

5'11" / 181 cms

Cock size:
8" / 20 cm