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Sticky Mucky Spunktexters, Sc.1: Texting Buddy Takes A Dare To Coat His Mate’s Face with Spunk! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 21/December/2017
Duration: 24 minutes, 31 seconds
Comments: 25


Youngsters today, hey? All they do is sit on their phones 24/7 and mindlessly text each other – as is the case here with Chester Owen and his buddy, Robin Rhea. Such behaviour isn’t without its rewards, however; as we quickly discover when Rhea challenges Owen to make a pass at his new cute housemate, David Doren. It’s a dare that a lad like Owen is only too keen to take up; and before you know it the boy is concocting a story about having ticks that are irritating his skin, and asking Doren to check all over his handsome body to see if he can see anything. Finally – and with almost a comic twist – he insists that Doren undertakes a thorough inspection of his arse-hole to see if one of the creatures has managed to make its way inside his guts; by which point, of course, Owen’s blatant provocation has secured every ounce of his mate’s attention, securing at least two of Doren’s digits in his pucker and writhing on the sofa as a result.

It’s only a matter of time, of course, before Doren replaces those fingers with his thick, meaty cock; but first Owen takes opportunity to gorge on his mate’s rod and rim his tasty little rosebud. It’s a visibly heated, sweaty encounter; and the chemistry between these two horny buggers only intensifies when Owen finally capitulates to his own carnal tendencies by sitting on Doren’s lap and riding the lad’s throbbing buttpicker for all he’s worth. No fucking wonder that both boys are soon spewing in appreciation – a snap of Doren’s splattered face serving as the perfect souvenir of the encounter, which Owen proudly fires off to Rhea!

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Unusual opening to a wonderful scene. Chester Owen is just beautiful and sexy as always. But what a fantastic great find also with young David Doren. Fresh-faced with a great body, wonderful cock and yummy asshole! Both boys have succulent holes that need rimming and fucking. The fucking of Chester is just great. David so horny with such a perfect cock! Both boys make me SO hot! Great to get a glimpse of the wonderful Robin too! 5 stars yet again from me!

Ryan, 21/December/2017

very HOT oxoxo

Robbie Hill, 21/December/2017

Hat mir sehr gefallen..Chester scheint seinen eigenen Arschlochgeschmack sehr zu genießen, so wie er Davis Finger abgeschleckt hat nachdem er tief in Chesters Fotze steckte - saugeil. Und Chesters geiles Spritzen am Ende....hammer. Wer hier keinen Ständer kriegt dem kann man nicht helfen...;-)

Chris, 21/December/2017

Beautiful Boys in a great scene )))))

pugs, 21/December/2017

Chester works this new fellow over. David is really cute.

GaryHerbert, 22/December/2017

Another beautiful newcomer. Chester as usual performs each act of fellatio with tremendous enthusiasm. Some lovely digital and oral manipulation of the rectum before Chester is appreciatively sodomised. Classic alternate scenes of buggery and fellatio before the final oral act of total appreciation with the post orgasmic fellatio scene. David has been well initiated.

Mateuzs, 22/December/2017

Like both guys a lot. Chester is hot, David's hairy ass is a complete turn-off for me. I hope future clips don't have that issue!

bently, 23/December/2017

Agree, ass should bin shaved prior to filming. Along with genitals

Coco, 27/December/2017

Don't agree- love to see natural hair around the cock and armpits

CM, 01/January/2018

These two boys are stunning as they are. Please don't change a thing d.r. @dr2450

dr, 04/January/2018

"Fair is fair" A friend of mine was substantially more endowed than I but had me "top' him too.

Mark, 18/February/2018

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