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Futsal Flings, Sc.2: Water-Boy Gets His Arse Coated In Hot Jizz From His Teammate! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 57)
Added: 11/March/2018
Duration: 23 minutes, 4 seconds
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Football training can be thirsty work – which explains the amount of drinking bottles that young Jake Stark is having to look after at the start of this delicious escapade with STAXUS favourite, Rudy Stone. But it can clearly also be a very sexually stimulating exercise too given the way that these two lads quickly take the opportunity to enjoy an open-mouthed smooch together. Not that there’s anything lingering about this kiss, it must be said. Fact is Stone can’t wait to get inside his mate’s shorts to admire the handsome bulge in Stark’s pants; and to then explore even deeper, as he pulls out his buddy’s swollen shaft and sucks on every thick, meaty inch that’s now pulsating before him. Indeed, Stone’s ardent desire to pleasure his teammate continues apace, as he teebags his pal’s ball-sac and then invites Stark to join him for a hot, raunchy session of 69-ing.

Not that you need to know too much about this horny little rook to realise that his ultimate intention here is to get his locks on Stark’s all-too-fuckable rump; as he first fingers the tight little pucker (sucking cock again as he does so), and then finally ploughs manfully for all he’s worth into the buddy’s guts. It’s a move that very visibly presses all the right buttons as far as Stark is concerned; as the fellow savours the ensuing pounding in a whole series of positions like a veritable pro. Little wonder the lad is soon spewing an almost incredulous spray of pent-up baby-brew all over his own belly; leaving Stone to seal the deal by coating Stark’s arsehole with cum, then allowing the boy to suck his cock clean!

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Great models but what's with yet another duo stuck keeping their soccer gear on? I think most of us prefer to see these guys totally nude and barefoot!

oop12, 11/March/2018

I love these soccer scenes. I love these guys. So hot when one boy jerks off the other. Awesome show...

dr, 11/March/2018

Such a sexy scene. Rudy and Jake are stunning together. I feel there is magic here. The rimming and fingering turned me on like nothing else. This is one of the best fucking scenes for me. Jake has such a sweet and enticing pucker. I craved for it. Watching Rudy fucking it is so exciting! The fucking, withdrawing and plunging back in is stunning. Both Rudy and Jake look like they really enjoy themselves. I could fuck lovely Jake for hours, but Rudy has such stamina! Then the final cum shots are breath taking. And Jake sucking Rudy's cummy cock is just great too!

Ryan, 11/March/2018

For his first sex scene Jake Stark is awesome and these 2 models are great to see in the action and deserve five stars. Only one thing: the coach could reprimand you if you walk with your football cleats in a sport hall with a wooden floor.

Jerry, 11/March/2018

Great scene, worth 5*

bently, 11/March/2018


PUGS, 12/March/2018

This is a really hot scene with two great models. The rimming and fingering were outstanding as was the fucking with the great shots of Rudy pulling out and reinserting his raw cock.Only quibble here is Jake's shaved pubes. Please get him to stop doing that.

trex, 12/March/2018

Another hot Spanish beauty. Jake's shaving enhanced his beautiful penis. Would have liked his shaft fully shaven too. However, a true delight!

Espanaporfavor, 13/March/2018

süßer spanier, geile kombination dieser beiden boys. mir hats gefallen :-)

Chris, 13/March/2018

Rudy is really charming me more and more, such as when he just walks up and starts macking down on Jake’s face. These guys are both really sexy and do seem to have a good chemistry together. Rudy’s hair is perfect. Nice vocal feedback from Jake and great finish with Rudy taking him over the edge.

GaryHerbert, 18/March/2018

Many good wankable moments in this clip. Loved Rudy sucking on Jake's balls as Jake's beautiful cockhead glistens. Lovely cum shots too. Well done boys!!

Riu, 19/March/2018

How nice was that of Rudy to take Jake's cock in his hand toward the end and finish both their jobs on his own? That's a real pal!

Mark, 22/April/2018

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