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Raging Twink Boners, Sc.1: Fireside Fuckers Prove A Raw Cock Hit With Lashings Of Spunk! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 51)
Added: 19/April/2018
Duration: 27 minutes, 38 seconds
Comments: 25


It may be warm in front of the fire, but that’s nothing compared to the heat that is being produced by Vittorio Vega and Dimitri as they provocatively work their dicks inside their pants at the start of this fantastic fireside duo. Not that the hyper-horny Dimitri’s sexy underwear stays on him for long, it must be said. First opportunity and he’s jumping straight out of them – clearly all too eager to waggle his sexy rump in his mate’s direction in a bid to drive his dark-haired pal to the next level. If that’s his tactic then fuck it works; with Vega quickly under his buddy’s magical spell, bidding Dimitri towards him to suck his cock.

And boy does the young Mexican give head – gobbling away for all he’s worth in what can only be described as an almost desperate bid to get Vega’s dick inside him as quickly as possible. Not that Vega is himself averse to enjoying a bit of horny fellatio, as soon becomes apparent; but it’s obvious even at this early stage in proceedings as to which of these two lusty sluts is set to have his guts stretched to the max. As such it will surely come as no surprise to anyone when Dimitri is finally bundled over a chair, rimmed like a pro, and then finally pummelled like some backstreet whore. Then, as if to underline his credentials as a top-class rent-boy, the fellow promptly mounts his bud’s lap and rides every inch of Vega with the sort of gusto that you’d expect from a long-standing performer rather than a relative newcomer. All of which soon culminates in him spewing furiously mid-fuck; before Vega fires off an almost delirious volley for a stunning finale!