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Cock Lovin' Home Cummers, Sc.4: Parting Partners Make Up With A Hard, Raw Fuck Of A Goodbye! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 47)
Added: 13/May/2018
Duration: 25 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


There comes a moment in every sexual relationship where you have to choose whether you’re in it for the long-term or not – and sadly in this instance it looks like young Joel Tamir has decided that it’s the end of the road for him and his handsome beau, Cobe Loewe. Given that all Loewe wants to do is eat cake and watch television that’s probably an understandable conclusion, of course; but just when you think that Tamir is finally going to walk out the door for good – having packed his bag and donned his coat – the fellow decides to give his lover one final chance to prove himself. And boy does it prove to be a good decision! For it turns out that Loewe isn’t quite as interested in either food or TV as first appeared – especially when confronted with the opportunity to feast on a thick, uncut shaft or to get his own aching schlong gobbled in return.

Nor does the lad show any disinterest when finding himself face-to-face with Tamir’s divinely hairless pucker, which gets brazenly presented to him – and which he’s quickly rimming and fingering like a true STAXUS whore. Not that he’s content to hold back from taking full advantage of the situation; and before you know it the guy is sidling up behind his lover and thrusting every solid inch of dick he possesses deep into Tamir’s guts. That, of course, marks the commencement of a fabulous display of twink-on-twink rutting that leaves Tamir’s fuck-hole gaping in joyful appreciation; before Loewe rounds things off by creaming his mate’s sweet face, and Tamir blasts his own spew to cement what’s set to be a long-term union!

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I've come to realize, that Joel Tamir may be the most beautiful of all the Staxus Boys! I could only imagine how unbelievable it would feel, to have those magnificent fingernails of Joel's, digging into my back, as he 'laid the wood' to me from behind! I can imagine, can't I?

Mark, 14/May/2018

Great scene, Joel is a fabulous addition to Staxus, hope to see a lot more of him.

spike69, 14/May/2018

Beautiful scene )))

pugs, 14/May/2018

What a wonderful cock this new boy has. Joel seemed to enjoy sucking it a great deal. Perhaps he is thinking of it sinking into his hole. And what a sweet asshole it is. Joel is a very pretty boy, and his sweet hole looks so tasty. Everyone into sweet boy ass would lust after his hole. Yummy! Then the fucking is fantastic, and both cum shots too. Just perfect stuff for me! 10 stars rating if it were possible.

Ryan, 14/May/2018

omg. i could l eat theses two forever

leo, 14/May/2018

Joel is so hot and all guys look so happy to be inside him. Can we match him with Sivan, Casey or Abir next? Pleeeeeeeease!!

DeeJay, 14/May/2018

I loved the kissing with tongue play. A favourite of fine. The sucking was virtuoso. Joel's twist as he sucks is hot. As usual, superb rimming, with a really clear view of the asshole. Cobe was an energetic top, going in right down to his balls. A shame that the beginning of Cobe's cum shot was missed and it was a bit meagre. Joel did a decent cumshot. I was disappointed that Cobe did not swallow Joel's cum. It gives a sense of lack of intimacy. Joel is emerging as a star, All in all, Staxus has a wonderful stable of new(ish) boys. I can't wait to see them getting paired off!

marcius, 14/May/2018

This scene was adorable...

dr, 15/May/2018

Pretty boys with beautiful cocks and Joel with such a sweet hole. Nice delicious cum. Staxus has it all. I love these boys and could lick them both all day long, and swallow every drop of their cum. More videos like this please!

Andy, 15/May/2018

Some classically filmed shots of enthusiastic fellatio, analingus and fast & furious copulation. Delightful reciprocated oral appreciation of ejaculate and superbly well-maintained erections on two beautiful models.

Mateuzs, 15/May/2018

All i have to say is Joel is deliciously great. His body language is enough for me to say what he is !

Vaclav, 16/May/2018

What beautiful young boys that make me so horny! I just love these two. Wonderful and fresh with such delicious cocks. Love it all, with such hot licking of Joel's sweet boy pussy. I would love that sweet hole to lick and fuck. I am so hot, I want to suck, lick hole, bare fuck and swallow cum with both these beautiful boys.

Randy Boy, 18/May/2018

Cobe is so damn adorable (so is Joel, of course) the munching, swallowing esp. So beautiful how their skin tone and twinky bodies grace the screen. Succulent young men ❤️

Carlxoxo, 19/May/2018

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