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Stretched To The Max, Sc.4: Gambling Lads Land A Hot Penalty Of Hard Dick & Oodles Of Jizz! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 17/May/2018
Duration: 24 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


Gambling can be a dangerous pastime – you should only ever gamble what you are prepared to lose. But it can also be wildly exciting, not least of all when the stakes are high and the adrenalin is pumping – something that Navon Raffi, Ron Negba and George Udall discover when they visit their local casino and place all their gambling chips against sexy croupier, Michal Tovi.

Playing “all in” on the turn of a card, they quickly discover that the penalty for losing the bet is to join their host for a no-holds-barred suck-and-fuck-fest on a nearby sofa. Of course, their loss is most definitely our gain, as an almost mind-boggling array of sexual gymnastics ensure; with the lads pairing themselves up for a near-desperate display of fellatio, gobbling away on dick like their very lives depended on it! For poor newbie Udall, however, such brazen wantonness quickly proves too much; jerking himself to a premature climax, and leaving Negba and Raffi to turn their keen attention to Tovi’s pert little arsehole, which in this instance is has a clear craving for hard cock.

So much so, in fact, that the horned-up croupier is soon sitting on both dicks on offer simultaneously for the kind of double-penetration mayhem that our fans simply cannot ever get enough of. Cue the delicious sight of the lad taking both hard, throbbing shafts like the dirty little slut he obviously is; savouring the doubled-up inches and pushing everyone towards a very sticky crescendo in the process. And with a somewhat inevitable tsunami of spunk to top the action off, we doubt there’ll be a dry cock-eye in the house as a result!

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Boylicker, 17/May/2018

Not that I wouldn't enjoy being in the middle of all that gorgeous young cock, these groups tend to be a tad bit too busy for me to be able to concentrate.

Mark, 17/May/2018

Great display of cocks, wanking and sucking. Ron Negba is proving himself to be a really delightful dirty little cock slut - getting all he can as often as possible!

Jhonny, 17/May/2018

Love it when Ron is standing up with the other three boys munching and slurping on his meat and veg. Impressive double entry in the new boy's asshole too.

Ryan, 17/May/2018

Ron is certainly the star and director in this scene. He is like the ever-ready bunny jumping around sucking as many cocks as he can...and he is as cute as can be...LOVE Ron

dr, 17/May/2018

To be honest: to much, to little. Not my cup of tea, just 4 cute guys and their play. No excitement or what so ever!

bently, 18/May/2018

Gotta love Ron again - bossy, horny and eager! It's a joy to see him to go for a cock! NO doubt he really loves this.

R, 18/May/2018

hate 3 and 4 ways.

larry, 18/May/2018

Start doesn't play properly. 4 examples of absolute male perfection- stunning. I love to see them worship each other's bodies. Worry about dp- sexy, but one at a time is great and I don't want anyone hurt for my entertainment.

CM, 19/May/2018

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