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Policeman's fly

4.2/5 (Total votes: 12)


Marcel Bimore, Lukas Leung

Added: 27/January/2012
Duration: 18 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


It might seem a tad unfair, but sometimes you have to use a little charm to get the wheels of justice to move in your favour – as Lucas Leung discovers when he’s hauled before police-officer, Marcel Bimore, accused of theft.

Actually, it isn’t so much his charm that he uses – which admittedly he appears to possess in spades – as his mouth and his cock, first by gorging on Bimore’s oversized knob-end like the near-professional whore that he is, and then by lifting his one leg onto the officer’s desk so that Bimore can thrust his unsheathed shaft deep inside his pert little ass.

It’s not exactly the sort of criminal justice system that we would like to see operate in reality, of course, but in terms of porn it’s exactly the sort of scenario that’s gonna get you working your boner to ecstasy! Bimore, in particular, is just as sexy as ever; whilst Leung’s twinkish manner never seems to betray him. In short, another definite must-see!