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Just a short break

4.7/5 (Total votes: 6)


Dean Grant, Nick Deniels, Ryan Cork

Added: 30/January/2012
Comments: 25


When business is slack – as it is for too many companies these days – what else is there for young workers to do than get hot and sweaty via more intimate means? Abandoning their tools, Dean Grant and Ryan Cork do exactly that – slipping out of their jeans to reveal their thick, uncut, shaven cocks, which they immediately take turns to gobble on. The unexpected arrival of Nick Deniels – who on this occasion is clean-shaven and looking even more appealing than ever – only adds further sparks to the occasion, not least because he’s the one who ultimately takes a mouthful of sticky, creamy spunk (courtesy of Grant and Cork), followed by the contents of his colleagues’ overfilled bladders! Those looking for anal action should press fast-forward; but if the sight of young twinks mutually revelling in the sheer natural splendour of their bodily fluids is your forte then this is definitely a scene that’s been dreamed up just for you!

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I can only see pics from the gallery and no videos

Arthur, 07/August/2016

Again... no dialogue, a third guy just walks in and no one says a thing? This seems commonplace & makes for very uninspiring "action"

justcurious, 02/May/2017

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