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Sauna sex!!

4.4/5 (Total votes: 8)


John Magiaty, Adam Hanks

Added: 20/January/2012
Duration: 26 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


Sauna sex!! Dark haired hottie John is joined in the sauna by stallion Adam, both getting hot, and not just from the steam!! Both toned young bodies get pressed against each other as they devour cock and taste every inch of pulsating dick. Both twinks have amazingly sexy buttholes and watching them get eaten out is awesome, John gives an expert rimming to his mate, his hole twitching in anticipation.

Versatile fucking, both guys want to take as much dick as possible and they love every moment. Fucking like rabbits, John's hips move faster than ever, filling Adam with his bare dick as he shoots all over his gaping hole, seeing it drip inside as he then pushes his still hard dick, fucking him with his spunk.

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Sauna Sex is HOT Sex !!!

noelweets, 07/April/2014

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