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A tight hungry ass HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 17)
Added: 01/October/2012
Duration: 26 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s no fucking wonder that young Jude Finch watches Rudy Bodlak taking a shower with a distinct twinkle in his eye and a whole stack of wood in his crotch – after all, there’s simply no mistaking the fact that Bodlak is one hell of a sexy guy, with his fine physique, tribal tattoo and the kind of ass-straining uncut cock that’d get even the dullest of libidos into a fine lather!

Indeed, it’s pretty clear from the off that Finch has only one objective in mind in this scene, namely to give that said shaft a real good ride, and it’s with a distinctly provocative air that he welcomes his pal from the shower-room and proceeds to give him the kind of blow-job that wet dreams are made of. In return, Bodlak is soon spreading Finch’s muscular legs apart and ramming his raw knob deep inside the fellow’s guts.

Cue a stupendous set-piece of animalistic rutting that sees Finch take every bare inch that his brother-in-arms can thrust his way and which will leave you (we’re quite sure) desperate for more! A sentiment shared by Finch himself – if his fabulous, pumped-up cum-shot is anything to go by. In short, if you haven’t spunked by close-of-play then maybe porn’s not for you!

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for a moment i was worried that old chair wont survive all the pressure from both guys :) great scene with natural sound of rain in the back

marko, 01/October/2012

Wow - Jude Finch is gorgeous, and such nice A2M. It bugs me, though, when models keep their eyes closed all the time (especially when they have really pretty eyes like Jude).

Mitch_MN, 22/November/2013

This is the best scene in Uncut cocks Studs Boots Tattoos Soldiers Outdoor Dark haired Bareback Army 5/5 and in my favorite scenes. MORE OF THIS !!!

noelweets, 08/January/2014

Rudy Bodlak is a HOT & HORNY STUD. MORE scenes with Rudy Bodlak please !!!

noelweets, 08/January/2014

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