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It’s A Fuckin’ Flip-Flop, Spunktastic Masterpiece For This Horny Artist & His Muse! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 09/June/2013
Comments: 25


We’re in the gay porn trade so we’re not exactly sure if Xander Hollis’s portrait of his pal, Ryan Olsen, will ever be classed as a masterpiece – best ask an art critic that one! – but one thing we can say with some assurance and that’s that Hollis is one hell of a fuckin’ classic when it comes to having sex in front of the camera! A fact that’s borne out in style in this terrific set-piece.

Abandoning his paint-brushes, the young dark-haired cutie is soon working his magic on Olsen’s dick as only a boy like Hollis can; eventually culminating in him rimming Olsen’s ass and then thrusting his rock-hard cock deep inside for good measure. But as if to underline his versatility, Hollis then proceeds to give his own pucker a real good seeing to – plonking himself down on Olsen’s shaft and taking every hard inch that his mate can muster in return.

Needless to say, neither of these horny bastards disappoints – least of all Hollis, who ultimately delivers a breathtaking blast of spunk over his belly whilst Olsen bangs away at his rear. But it’s arguably Olsen who steals the scene with a fantastic, geyser-like spray of jizz that Hollis laps up with characteristic gusto, and which will undoubtedly leave you totally and utterly drained yourself. In short, prepare for a first-class wank!

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I will add thise scene in my favorits ! I can watch it all over and over again .

noelweets, 09/June/2013

Ryan Olsen looks here a lot hotter than in his first scene. Love how his balls get up and down when he gets sucked ;-)

secondsky, 10/June/2013

Interesting way of flip-flopping from always horny Xander. And Ryan more eager / relaxed than in his first scene with Milan.

Steven, 10/June/2013

Ryan O. just went from 2 stars to 4 in my rating. Better hair, better makeup or just a good night sleep. It worked... now i want to see more of him. This is a great sceen.

lasse, 10/June/2013

Great scene. Liked a lot the flip-flop part and, this time, we saw a better Ryan's performance. Looks like he has much more to offer us. Enjoyed also, like Secondsky, that detail: seeing Ryan's balls go down and up ;)

Vaclav, 13/June/2013

Both boys fantastic. Also like to see both boys spanked!

Mike, 30/July/2014

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