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Locker-Room Team Suck-Off Results In Spunk-Inducing Fuckathon! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 23)
Added: 19/June/2013
Comments: 25


It’s blues versus greens, as Justin Conway and fellow team-mate, Ryan Olsen, put the ball skills of Alex Candy and Kamyk Walker to the test – and yes, you’re right, it doesn’t involve so much as taking a single step out of the locker-room! Indeed, Candy and Walker are busily slurping on Olsen and Conway’s respective dicks right from the off, as any pre-tournament niceties are kicked firmly to the touchline in pursuit of hardcore pleasure.

What’s more, having all taken turns in giving head – including engaging in a somewhat kinky conga-style suck – it’s no time at all before Conway is fucking the life out of Candy’s ass, whilst Walker’s butthole accommodates the raw delights of Olsen’s meaty ramrod. As befits his elder-statesman porn status, Conway is very much the leading powerhouse here; and it’s not too long before the fellow has his eyes firmly set on Walker’s pert and clearly very hungry pucker.

As a result, it’s soon time for the bottoms to swop round and take advantage of a different cock; before nature begins to take its course and Walker jerks off a handsome wad of jizz all over his own belly whilst Conway bangs away at his fuck-hole. Cue three further eruptions, one of which gets lapped up by Walker and another of which splatters all over Candy’s face. All in all, a top-class performance worthy of the Premier League!

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Too many people on this scene. There is no foreplay and no hot interaction between models since the video starts with the sucking. It would have been better with a good recording of only 1 couple of boys from the beginning, showing everything in details and in a proper way with good close-ups.

JAGarcia, 19/June/2013

Pity, no rimming again !!!! I really hope Staxus will understand one day that men who like to watch porn like it to watch more hardcore with lots of rimming and bareback fuck. A new scene with watersport action would be great too !!!

noelweets, 19/June/2013

great scene, hot guys

robyrob1, 19/June/2013

Hi Guys, Just to explain there was a slight error with this video and for some reason the intro didnt record properly so the scene unfortunately starts with the guys sucking. Apologies for that and I hope it doesnt spoil the scene too much.

Michael - Staxus, 19/June/2013

For a top class performance besides foreplay and rimming more chemistry is lacking. All models seem to be willing, but the overall scene does not give the impression of a horny locker-room scene.

Steven, 19/June/2013

Thanks for the explanation Michael. I was wondering why we went straight into sucking. I liked it a lot. I love four boy scenes anyway and this was quite a turn on. Well done.

Keith, 19/June/2013

I found this one of Michael Burling's better scenes. Best performer was Justin Conway who seemed to act as captain of the team.

Dutch Dude, 19/June/2013

Like Keith and Dutch Dude, I also like this scene. It has Alex Candy and Kamyk Walker, (and I adore both), and also a very nice performance of Justin and Ryan. But I have to criticize something : Ryan stays too much time sit or lying and Alex almost "hides" penetration. It was necessary other angle cameras to show this pretty boy getting fucked. I want to underline one thing : when action starts, I want to see the beginning of penetration. Always ;) Anyway, pretty boys here and enough action. Nice scene

Vaclav, 20/June/2013

nice blow job cum in mouth very hot

brandon, 06/August/2013

Alex is the hottest guy ever, love the cum in mouth, never have I ever such pure white cum. More please.

funtime, 10/May/2014

Nice to see Ryan Olsen with pubic hair. More scenes with Ryan Olsen and pubic hair please!

ryanolsen1, 30/December/2014

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