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Licking Armpits, Sucking Toes, Fisting, Rimming ... Two Dirty STAXUS boys enjoy some hot kink! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 13)
Added: 07/August/2013
Duration: 26 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


They’ve got matching jocks – albeit in different colours – and corresponding libidos, so it’s really no surprise that Orlando White and Skylar Blu serve as the perfect coupling in this dirty little scene. Beginning with some tremendous cock-sucking that serves as the perfect aperitif for the hardcore action to come. Blu, in particular, is his usual whorish self, slurping on White’s raging ramrod with typical deep-throated gusto.

It’s not too long, however, before matters take on a much more kinky spin, beginning with some teasing foot-play, during which both lads eagerly feast on each other’s toes; before White turns his attention towards his mate’s hungry little pucker. And let’s be perfectly honest here, this is one horny fuck-hole that needs attention big time – something anyone who’s seen Blu in action before will fully appreciate. Fortunately for this spritely twink, White’s more than equipped for the task at hand, and before you know it he’s thrusting his thick, manly shaft deep inside.

Nor is his imagination limited to dick. Having worked Blu’s ass sufficiently, White’s exchanged cock for fist and is pummelling the crack with his hand, stretching it to the max. Little wonder that the kinky pup is soon dumping a grand wad of boy-juice; before White creams the lad’s ass in return. Just the way that the pervy little bitch-boy Blu loves it!

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What a superb complete long scene !!! This are my votes for this scene: Performance of Orlando White : 10/10 Performance of Skylar Blu : 10/10 Kissing in sexy jocks : 10/10 Licking armpits : 10/10 Sucking : 10/10 Feet licking and sucking toes : 10/10 Bareback fucking hard, wild and deep : 10/10 Fisting and hole stretching : 10/10 Showing gaping hole : 10/10 And last but not least : RIMMING 20/10 !!! Rimming scenes are always my favorit and this was a real great rimming scene. My rating is the max 5 and this scene go's in to my favorits. MORE OF THIS STAXUS !!!

noelweets, 07/August/2013

This will be my first 5 stars for a Budai-scene. Orlando and Skylar have been a fantastic pairing, lucky Skylar gets finally challenged. Licking, rimming, fucking, fisting worthy of a Dirty Fuckers scene.

Steven, 07/August/2013

@Steven, how do you know it's a Budai scene? Sorry, I may still be too much of a newbie here :( @Andy, I believe you planned to add the director's name as a visible attribute to the scenes shown on, right? Once you get your 372 ToDos in the priority 1, 2 and 3 categories done, will be happy to see this one being implemented! ;-)

F52.7, 07/August/2013

This is a Joe Budai scene indeed! I will try and get the Directors on every scene somewhere in the following week! - Andy, 07/August/2013

Orlando : you should be paired with (almost) every model ;) . You're a stupendous performer. It's a delight to see you. Skylar says the same thing certainly ;).. An adorable moment with intense sex !

Vaclav, 08/August/2013

Quite, quite amazing! As Vaclav says "a stupendous performance" by both guys. One of the best films for a long time....and that's saying something considering the standard on here!!

Explorer1, 08/August/2013

The scenes showing rapid hard fucking was the best part of the video. The hungry hole opening and closing indicated how much the fucking hole wanted the fucking cock.

2hornynipples, 08/August/2013

@F52.7 If you look closer to some scenes of each director, you can recognize the different styles of each: John Smith has usually some intro music and likes to play with his camera, Michael Burling has fewer cuts, Joe Budai seems to like to move around with the cam.

Steven, 08/August/2013

@Steven: Thanks for your explanation. I thought there was some hidden aspect I had missed ;-) I guess I'll learn to distinguish the directors also from their works once I've seen many more scenes, having only joined staxus recently. But I do like a lot of what I see :-)

F52.7, 08/August/2013

F52.7 - You can also usually tell by the models we use. John tends to use Czech models, I use British models and Joe uses Hungarian models. Every now and again we mix the models (just to confuse you all!).

Michael - Staxus, 09/August/2013

very good movie the best is when I can see the full cock bouncing around hard and soft as he is getting banged

worken101, 06/February/2014

I just want to be both of their slave. I would start out with their feet and what beautiful feet they have. Start by sucking on each toe and making my way to the soles of their feet. Then I would lick their hairy legs only to stop and lick behind the knee making my way further north on those legs. I would then suck and lick on their dicks and balls hopefully they would be all sweaty. make my way to the back door lick suck and eat it out hopefully this is sweaty too. I would then make my way up their stomach chest and to those hairy armpits and lick the sweat up. I want both of these men to fuck me in the ass. I also want them to cum in my mouth, I want to get a golden shower from them also please fil a glass up with your piss too.

Marty Trawinski Bel Air Md, 09/March/2014

the boys were great but that cheap 80's vintage background was distracting. Staxus really needs to step it up with the venues. This makes the boys look cheap. ❤dr

❤dr, 12/May/2014

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