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Forever Blowing Bubbles? These Boys Would Rather Be Blowing & Fucking Each Other! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 27)
Added: 16/October/2013
Duration: 20 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


Forget the hackneyed joke about Michael Jackson forever blowing Bubbles – the monkey, that is! – Adrian Smallwood and Ryan Olsen are a couple of small-screen stars who clearly find the combination of fresh air and a bubble-machine highly erotic. Then again, it could be the thought of all that juicy fresh meat that they so evidently know is stuffed inside each other’s jeans!

Certainly neither of the lads shows any reticence when it comes to stripping off and making out – dark-haired boy, Olsen, gobbling on his mate’s oversized knob like the consummate whore we’ve all quickly grown to know and love. In return, the ever-pert beauty that is young Smallwood can’t wait to bury his cute little face into Olsen’s hairless crotch, practicing his oral skills in the process. It’s no great surprise, therefore, that the lads are soon laid out top-to-toe, pleasuring each other’s groins and groaning out their own tight-lipped satisfaction.

All of this is positively civilised, however, in comparison to the animalistic rutting that very promptly ensues – first Smallwood pounding into Olsen’s ass over a table, and then Olsen returning the compliment by providing his dick for Smallwood to ride cowboy-style (appropriately enough) until his own cock quite literally explodes, splattering cum in all directions in the process! That Smallwood should respond in much the same fashion just moments later underlines the intensity of the coupling – a jizz-stained signature that’ll see you nutting umpteen times over!

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An amazing scene ! Ryan and Adrian made a gorgeous flip-flop, that ended to be a very passionate meeting. It should be always like this ;)... And Ryan is turning out a superb performer !

Vaclav, 16/October/2013

I agree Vaclav there was some talk after his debut with Milan Sharp Ryan was lacking somehow I think now we know he is just getting super comfortable and turns out he is a stunning performer. So is Adrian this is a favorite!

DeWayne in SD, 16/October/2013

This scene is perfect with two beautiful models Adrian Smallwood & Ryan Olsen. Nice filmed from different angels and great with the bubbles. The scene where Adrian ride with is ass on Ryan's mouth is very horny. 5/5 rating and into my favorit scenes.

noelweets, 16/October/2013

Un seul adjectif pour décrire cette scène : formidable.

PASCALOUX, 16/October/2013

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