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Cocky Jordan Jacobs Gets Fucked Down A Peg Or Two By A Brace Of Horny, Big-Dicked Soccer Players! HD

3.6/5 (Total votes: 13)
Added: 11/November/2013
Duration: 22 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not exactly sure what young Jordan Jacobs has got to look so cocksure about – except for the fact that he’s undeniably gorgeous – but Paul Walker and Lucas Davidson are evidently more than willing and able to put the fellow in his place. Indeed, these rival footballers take no time at all to push their swollen dicks down the fellow’s throat once they’re all alone together in the locker room – a move that Jacobs responds to in undeniably rampant fashion, slurping on both handsome ramrods with the kind of gusto you only ever see in his lad his age.

What’s more, Walker and Davidson – who are both utterly irresistible themselves – take full advantage of the fellow’s eagerness, and it’s not long before Walker has Jacobs splayed across the bench and is ramming every single inch of his hard dick deep inside the guy’s butt-hole. It’s a move that the hungry little bottom clearly responds to positively, given that it’s not long before he’s sat on Davidson’s lap and is riding cock like a common whore. What’s more, the lad’s sluttish credentials are only enhanced by the way he appears to get increasingly motivated by Walker and Davidson’s verbal abuse, which in turn is hyped up even further when Walker spit’s into the lad’s mouth.

Humiliation, it would seem, is a definite plus for this boy, culminating in his being royally spit-roasted and generally treated like a piece of cheap meat. All nicely wrapped up by his two fuck-buddies squirting all over him for the ultimate act of dominance!

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Jordan Jacobs is absolutely...divine ! No more words needed here to describe him ! D i v i n e !

Vaclav, 11/November/2013

I think all three of these gorgeous boys is divine! If I walked into that locker room and was confronted with this trio I think I would cum in my shorts within moments! lol

Tommy, 11/November/2013

Simply great! I would like to see Jordan organizing a Gangbang with his dirty talk :D

Steven, 11/November/2013

Désolé de dire à nouveau que cette scène reste moyenne au plan purement porno par l'absence de gros plans sur les séquences de pénétrations. De plus, les trois acteurs sont de beaux modèles mais ne sont pas des minets.

PASCALOUX, 11/November/2013

En reponse a Pascaloux: Jordan Jacobs: 22; Lucas Davidson: 24 Kris Wallace: 25; Ennio Guardi: 24; Orlando White 22 Dois-je dire de plus?

Explorer1, 12/November/2013

"De plus, les trois acteurs sont de beaux modèles mais ne sont pas des minets." I don't understand that comment and without sounding rude its a bit silly, as Explorer1 pointed out a lot of Johns models are not twinks. Plus look at the comments on this scene so far with regards to the models in it.

Michael - Staxus, 12/November/2013

Cher Monsieur BURLING , Loin de moi l'idée d'offenser vos modèles qui en absence de crise en EUROPE feraient probablement pour la plupart d'entre eux autre chose que du porno gay. Compte tenu que vous m'avez qualifié d'idiot, j'éviterai à l'avenir de visionner vos réalisations et surtout de les commenter. J' ai 52 ans et n'ai pas été traité de cette façon depuis très longtemps.

PASCALOUX, 12/November/2013

Pascaloux - I did not call you an idiot. You are putting words into my mouth. I questioned why the need to point out that the models were not twinks when John Smith regularly uses models who are not twinks and you never make a comment on his scenes to point this out. I'm going to refrain from commenting further.

Michael - Staxus, 12/November/2013

Cette message c'est pour Pascaloux. Pardon moi, cher Pascaloux, mais il ne sont pas nécessaires ces mots entre toi et Michael. Tu as le droit de commenter. Michael a aussi le droit de fair le même. Nous avons ici la liberté de commenter. Alors, allez tous commenter les beaux garçons que Staxus nos présent. Allex tous commenter leur travail. Ça c'est un plaisir pour moi.

Vaclav, 13/November/2013

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