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Dark-Haired, Fresh-Faced Beauty Gets Rimmed, Fucked & Fisted By Orlando White! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 23/November/2013
Duration: 30 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Is there anything hotter than watching a gorgeous guy at work? Certainly Matt Johnson doesn’t seem to think so, as he sits gazing out at Orlando White labouring in the garden and looking every inch as fucking gorgeous as ever. Not that Johnson is in any way inferior in the looks department; and by the time the two beauties have been brought together there’s every good chance that you’ll have fallen head over heels in lust with the pair of them!

A predicament that’s likely only to get even more intense as the two boy-babes tear off their clothes and begin to engage in just the kind of ball-churning debauchery that your mother used to warn you about! Believe us, these two dudes really are on heat for this scene – Johnson in particular, as he first eagerly slurps on White’s over-experienced fuck-handle, and then races to get his ass seated nicely on his buddy’s lap. This may or may not be the fellow’s first man-to-man fuck, but if it is then he’s a born natural, riding his butt up and down White’s cock like an old-time pro.

It’s a sight that’s gonna get you dirty fuckers in quite a lather for sure; but matters only get even more intense when White replaces his dick with his hand, fisting the young rascal for all that he’s worth. To his credit, Johnson takes all five digits with relative ease – by which point there’s every chance that you’ll have creamed big style. If not, then the concluding spooge-off will almost certainly do the trick – White’s blast into Johnson’s mouth a veritable highlight!

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Very hot movie. Hope to see more from Matt Johnson in the future....excellent pictures

twinklove69, 23/November/2013

Lots to love in this scene. Passionate, quite well lit. Maybe pull the sofa a few feet further away from the background for more depth of field. Also consider a darker sofa for greater contrast to the light skin tones, and a little more side light to accent the fine bodies. Really enjoyed the near-fisting. I love to watch missionary from above -- hard to do when Orlando was hunched over Matt the whole time. Have the top rise up, even rear back now and then -- grab the bottoms ankles and get those hips moving. Thanks!

Mitch_MN, 23/November/2013

La perfection a de nouveau été atteinte pour cette scène grandiose de John SMITH. De plus, MATT est un très beau jeune homme. Toutes mes félicitations pour cette exceptionnelle réalisation.

PASCALOUX, 23/November/2013

such a beautyfull dildo and not used?

peter poort, 25/November/2013

I'm a little behind with the scenes! Sometimes you find a model who has a natural ability to do gay porn and I think Matt is such a model. Hope to see much more of him here on Staxus. Orlando is a reliable top and he does not disappoint in this scene. So: pretty hot scene that I really enjoyed.

Dutch Dude, 25/November/2013

Matt is new at Staxus but I'm pretty sure he will not run away from here ! And Orlando is great as always. Just adore him ! There is, however, one thing that is not ok in this scene : the sound. It's low. And would also love to see Orlando doing "doggy" as we see on the photos ;))).

Vaclav, 26/November/2013

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