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Underwear Modelling Can Be Fun But A Raw Flip-Flop Fuck Is A Must For These Horny Beauties! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 18)
Added: 14/February/2014
Duration: 19 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s nothing like a clean, crisp pair of underpants to get you feeling in the mood, especially when you’ve got a whole selection of pairs to play with and you’re in the company of a mate who’s equally risqué and up for some real good fun! Indeed, Sven Laarson and Ryan Olsen have pretty much got the perfect recipe for a date to remember as they first frolic in and out of briefs and slips, before abandoning their love of fashion for their love of hard, aching dick! And believe us, whilst there may only be two lads in the frame here there’s more than enough man-meat on them both to satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

Cue a stupendous display of rampant cock-worship that’ll leave you quite literally gasping for more – culminating in a brilliant session of 69-ing on the sofa that will almost certainly run the risk of bringing you to a premature climax. For those who can hold out, however, there’s the prospect of an even hotter rutting session, as both lads take it in turns to plough into the ass-hole of the other – all captured in gloriously debauched, close-up detail!

What really adds to the mix here, of course, is the array of positions adopted – not least of all by Olsen, whose butt is stretched to the max by Laarson’s almost over-eager ramrod before he finally succumbs to nature’s urge and dumps a fine wad of jizz all over his own stomach. A deposit then matched by his buddy, who erupts like a water-cannon at a riot before sinking his spent dick back into Olsen’s tired but clearly very satisfied arse. Youthful exhibitionism has rarely looked so inviting!

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Happy Valentine's Day from Staxus. We hope you will like the additional gallery and scene for today.

Eelco - Staxus, 14/February/2014

Much appreciated and love seeing my fav Ryan Olsen back with Sven Laarson!

DeWayne in SD, 14/February/2014

Une nouvelle réalisation parfaite de John SMITH qui est incontestablement le meilleur réalisateur de porno gay actuellement et de très loin. .John est le Jean Daniel CADINOT des temps modernes et en meilleur. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 14/February/2014

Nice scene, but it is a pity we didn't enjoy the underwear modeling for a longer and exciting way with different clothes. It had been a hot first portion.

JAGarcia, 14/February/2014

It's always a fantastic pleasure, Staxus, seeing Ryan and Sven...and specially this time seeing both together. Will never get tired of seeing them. Never

Vaclav, 15/February/2014

What a great valentines gift seems especially for me only !

neville38, 15/February/2014

Fucking hot flip-flop... and what a final cum shot! I love both these models, really among my top favorites! :)

Nympho_Maniac, 17/February/2014

I agree with Pascaloux = John Smith is the best porn director around bar none. And he gets the best angles on Ryan and Sven who look mighty pleased.

eagerbrit, 25/February/2014

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