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Skylar Blu Gets Fisted, Fucked & Jizzed In The Face By A Horny, Big-Dicked Stud! HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 27)
Added: 09/May/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 29 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve all known for a long time that Skylar Blu is an insatiable bottom – a boy who quite simply lives to be fucked and to have his ass-hole stretched on a nigh-on permanent basis. But sometimes – as on this occasion – his appetite for a good old-fashioned anal pounding astounds even those of us who’ve become almost numbed to his antics!

Of course, the fact that the lad is quite literally on-heat is apparent from the off, as he promptly stuffs a dildo up his pucker. But his desires simply intensify the moment that Billy Rubens walks in through the door – and understandably so. Rubens is, after all, a fuckin’ gorgeous bastard who could have his way with pretty much most of us; but Blu’s got a longing for big-time abuse, and the arrival of his divine fuck-buddy simply drives the fellow into overdrive. Before you know it, the lad’s laid out prostrate so that he can take as much raw fist that Rubens can push into his ass; before the top decides it’s time for Blu to taste the dick of a real man and (having handcuffed the guy) thrusts his own rock-hard knob deep inside instead!

Suffice to report that young Blu’s pucker is more than adept at swallowing the full length of man-meat between Rubens’s thighs – not exactly a surprise given his earlier fisting! What may amaze, however, is the sheer intensity of this coupling; which finally culminates in Blu jizzing all over his own belly and Rubens squirting a fabulous wad of cum all over Blu’s face. All in all, a scene that just has to be savoured!

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I love Skylar and especially when he is getting fisted ...I was willing Billys fist to go right in but it wasn't to be .

StuartB, 09/May/2014

pas assez hard ,

dideropera, 09/May/2014

rude.....the scene with Damian Dickey and Tim Law where TL fisted Skylar? ...he has skinnier wrists .

StuartB, 09/May/2014

dideropera "pas assez hard" What does that mean in English ? something like "not hard enough" ?

StuartB, 09/May/2014

Holy Smoke! Billy Rubens gets hotter by the day and really suits the BDSM look entirely. Hope we see a lot heavier hardcore action building on this one!

Wrassler, 09/May/2014

Cette bonne scène aurait pu être excellente si la pièce dans laquelle elle a été tournée avait un bon éclairage. Ce n'est pas le cas et l'image était trop sombre.

PASCALOUX, 09/May/2014

"This scene could have been good if the great room where she was shot had good lighting. This is not the case and the image was too dark" Yeah .It was a bit too dark .

StuartB, 09/May/2014

both models are very horny, skylar clearly loves being a bottom as much as billy loves to be a top, so good chemistry between the 2 guys. would have been nice if the fisting scene had been a bit longer, and what a shame with all those other toys on the side that they also weren't used in between the fisting and fucking. I think this scene was good but not fantastic as it seemed to lack something, more dominating on behalf of billy I think, he should have forced sylar more and been rougher. That's what I want to see a bit more rough bondage/kinky sex, but that's just my personal opinion.

darren, 09/May/2014

Oh my God, Skylar ! Fabulous again here on Staxus. This scene is amazing. Really amazing. Hard stuff like this must be directed the way we see : with dark light, with passion, with models capable for hard, very hard stuff. Thanks Skylar and Billy for this great moment of kinky sex.

Vaclav, 10/May/2014

Turn on the fucking lights. If I want atmosphere I'll watch a regular.

Bobby, 10/May/2014

The scene was shot with low level lighting to give it a dark look. We wanted to try something different and give the scene a different feel to the stuff we usually shoot. I'm sorry some of you didnt like it.

Michael - Staxus, 10/May/2014

Hi guys, I'll try to tune up the brightness a bit and re-upload this scene on Monday. Cheers!

Staxus - Andy, 10/May/2014

Billy's dick is quite small despite all the bluffing advertisements

John Chiusano, 12/May/2014

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